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Tales From the Void Review – Creaky Ship, Creakier Game

Suddenly, without warning … SCIENCE! You’re in a half-wrecked World War One-era submarine, floating in space.  Try not to die. Thus are we introduced to Danish indie developer Porta Play’s…


Natural Selection 2: Combat Review – Evolution Revolution

The original natural Section and its sequel, Natural Selection 2, were both well-made and unique takes on the FPS genre that blended elements of RTS games via the “commander system”…


Natural Selection 2- Preview & Impressions

Once a mod for Natural Selection 2, NS2:Combat removes the series’ signature RTS elements while retaining upgrade elements such as weapons, armor, evolutions and abilities that progress throughout the match.…


Alien: Isolation Review

The Alien franchise has had a rough time. Alien is one of the greatest horror films of all time to many, and the same could be argued of Aliens in…

Aliens Colonial Marines

Don’t Believe the Hype! A Little Skepticism is a Good Thing.

Critics and gamers alike are issuing sighs of disappointment in the wake of Destiny’s release. Once again, a game has failed to deliver the experience promised by its publisher, and…

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Alien not Aliens: Why Isolation is the right move

Last year I played through Aliens: Colonial Marines. Like many out there I hated the game; as a shooter it was unrefined and boring, as an Aliens game it was…