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New ‘Alien’ Game to be Developed by Cold Iron Studios, Under FoxNext

FoxNext has announced that a new game in the Alien franchise is being developed with their recently acquired Cold Iron Studios. The addition of the studio would allow FoxNext to…

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Gaming Obscura: Alien Breed

The movie Alien is a major touchstone in popular cultureùa landmark horror movie with a sci-fi aesthetic. It brought to us the horrors of space in a way never shown…

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The Price Structure of Games Needs to Change

Recently in games media we’ve seen a polar reaction to Sega’s Alien: Isolation. Some reviewers, such as our own Alex Taylor, are of a mind that Isolation does everything right…


Alien: Isolation Review

The Alien franchise has had a rough time. Alien is one of the greatest horror films of all time to many, and the same could be argued of Aliens in…

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Alien not Aliens: Why Isolation is the right move

Last year I played through Aliens: Colonial Marines. Like many out there I hated the game; as a shooter it was unrefined and boring, as an Aliens game it was…