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Alawar Articles

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Distrust, a Sci-Fi Survival Game Based on The Thing

Alawar is working on a new indie sci-fi survival game called Distrust. Inspired by John Carpenter’s legendary film The Thing, the game is sure to be full of suspense and strategy.…

Beholder DLC Promo EN

Beholder’s first DLC, Blissful Sleep, announced

The first moments after starting a new game in Beholder show a beat up man being dragged out of the building. His name is Hector and he was the landlord…

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Displaced, New Game From Publishers of Beholder, Hits Steam Greenlight

Looks like the guys at Alawar Entertainment have a thing for stories set in war-torn countries. The published announced that their new title, named Displaced, just hit Steam Greenlight. This…

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Claws and Feathers Review – Disgruntled Avians

Good games can come from anywhere. This fact shouldn’t be surprising, but sometimes it is, and sometimes it’s best not to judge a book by its cover. Especially when that…