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IAB Calls Ad Blocking a Threat to Freedom of the Press

A couple of weeks ago, Adblock Plus had made a blog post stating that they were dis-invited from the leadership summit of the Interactive Advertising Bureau(IAB). However, IAB was not…

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Brendan Eich’s New Browser Aims to Protect Privacy and Give you Better Ads

Former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich has announced a brand new browser he is working on called Brave. Perhaps the most interesting feature in the browser is its approach to ads…

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Apple Using Your Bank For Targeted Ads

Have you ever been served up an advert on your mobile device trying to sell something outside your price range? Apple thinks they have found the solution for that. Apple…

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YouTube Launches New Monetization Terms, Allows Browsing Ad-Free for a Monthly Fee

According to an email sent to YouTube Partners, as well as a message visible in the Creator Studio, YouTube has updated their monetization policies and has begun implementing a system…

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New Xbox One Advertisement invites you to play

This morning, Microsoft released an all new Xbox One advertisement, with the upcoming November 22nd release date for the console.  The gist of the ad is simple, your games and…