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15 Years Of Fire Emblem In The West – A Tale of Swords and Dragons

By now, Fire Emblem has become a household name for plenty of gamers. Outside of Japan, the series has six mainline entries, two remakes, and several spin-offs. In short, it’s become…

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Super Famicom Wars Gets Unofficial English Translation

The first English translation of Super Famicom Wars has appeared, marking the first time the game is playable in English. As reported on by Siliconera, Super Famicom Wars was only physically available… zaDL8VhhaJg

Tiny Metal

Inspired by Advance Wars, Tiny Metal and Area 35 aim to recapture the feeling and charm of the well-loved military turn-based strategy series. Created in Unreal by experienced game developers, Tiny Metal was…

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Tiny Metal Preview – Ironing Out the Wrinkles

Ahead of its release on November 21st, I had a chance to sit down and play through some of the Tiny Metal preview build, developed by Area 35. Inspired by Intelligent Systems’ fantastic…

Mario Luigi Superstar Saga

First Game Boy Advance Games Release To The Wii U Eshop

In the first of what’s going to be weekly waves of Game Boy Advance games, today Nintendo added the first releases to it’s eShop platform for the Wii U. Arriving…