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Valve Appealing $3 Million Fine From Australian Courts

Back in December, a federal court in Australia fined Valve $3 million because the court found that Valve breached Australian Consumer Laws. The breach comes from the fact that between…

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Valve Facing Up to $3 Million in Fines in Australia

After being found guilty earlier this year, Kotaku Australia is reporting that Valve is facing up to $3 million in fines from the Australian Courts over their lack of a…

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EA’s New Refund Policy In Australia Implemented After Warnings From Consumer Commission

After warnings from the ACCC, (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) EA has agreed to change its refund policy in regards to games sold on its Origin platform. As far as…


Australia Challenges Valve Over Refund Policy

Australia said “No” as of a few days ago regarding Steam’s no-refund policy.  A government organization, The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) which oversees Australian consumer protection laws has…