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20th anniversary Articles

Bandai Namco Digivice

Celebrate Digimon’s 20th Anniversary With The Original Digivice

2016 may have been Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary, but 2017 belongs to its greatest rival, as Digimon celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year. Bandai Namco has revealed that they will be re-releasing…

Virtual Boy 2

An Ode to the Virtual Boy

The Virtual Boy is crap. It is the least portable, portable system of all time, even worse than the Game Gear or the Atari Lynx. It’s so not portable that…

Grey PS4

Rare PS4 Not Sold – Sony Donates Anyway

Unfortunately, the coveted no.0001 serial 20th Anniversary PS4 remains unsold, the bidder never came through with their winning bid. This is one of the harsh realities with auctions, not every…

PlayStation 4 Anniversary Edition

Serial No. 00001 PS4 Sold For ¥15,135,000 ($129,000)

For the mere pocket change of 129k, the limited edition gray PS4 with the coveted 00001 serial was sold to the highest bidder. In contrast, the standard PS4 sells for…

Sony Reveals Limited Edition 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 Video 466395 2

*Update* Want a 20th Anniversary PS4? Preorder it right now

If you want to be one of the lucky 12,300 to get your hands on the PS1 styled 20th anniversary PS4, you’ll have to be quick, they will not last…