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playstation trophies hidden messages

Your PlayStation Trophies Have Hidden Messages

I’m not entirely sure which onomatopoeia I want to use to describe the sound of a trophy unlocking, but I’ve sort of come to love it. I’ve always enjoyed hunting…

2064 Read Only Memories 20161225233821

2064: Read Only Memories Review – Edited Memories

We’re going to have so many cool things in the future. Robots, flying cars, VR implants, the sky is the limit. 2064: Read Only Memories presents an interesting version of…

2064RoM Header

2064: Read Only Memories Announces Full Voice Cast

On October 6th, 2015 the Kickstarter success game Read Only Memories released to generally positive reviews. A couple months ago an updated version was announced, and now developers MidBoss have…