2018 Articles

Sunless Skies Preview Header

Sunless Skies Preview – On Its Way to Brighter Prospects

Ahhh, Early Access. The time when a game is booted out of the developer’s nest whether it’s ready or not. A time where a game will either be cannibalized by…

Kingdom Hearts III 2017 02 18 17 001

Kingdom Hearts III D23 Trailer – Toy Story World and Release Window Revealed

After the recent release of the Kingdom Hearts III Orchestra Trailer, fans have been waiting for the next trailer and the announcement of a new world, promised and finally unveiled…

wayward isles

The Wayward Isles Sighted for 2018 Release Date

Independent game developer Ironheart has announced their freshman offering, The Wayward Isles, projected for a 2018 PC release. Wayward Isles has also announced that a Kickstarter campaign will be run…