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6 2017 Arcade Gems You May Have Missed

Outside of very specific cases, you’d be hard-pressed to find a genre of video game that hasn’t seen great releases in 2017. From shooters to strategy to 1930s platformers, it seems…

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Spellspire is a spelling RPG by developer 10Ton that sees you spelling words to cast spells and climb a 100 story tower.

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Spellspire Review – More Like Spell Higher

I have a strange love for spelling games, especially ones that mix in some RPG elements. About a year ago, I gave Letter Quest a shot but ultimately found it…

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Neon Chrome Review – Failure to Launch

Neon Chrome is a twin-stick shooter roguelite that just hit PlayStation 4 and touts improvements based on feedback from its initial Steam release. The gameplay certainly is refined here, and it will…