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undead horde release date

Call Forth a Skeleton Army in Undead Horde, Coming to Steam Early Access this March

Like raising armies of the dead? Good news! The Undead Horde release date for Steam Early Access has been set for early March 2019. 10tons’ latest game is all about commanding armies…

jydge raptor 6 arcade hidden gems 2017

6 2017 Arcade Gems You May Have Missed

Outside of very specific cases, you’d be hard-pressed to find a genre of video game that hasn’t seen great releases in 2017. From shooters to strategy to 1930s platformers, it seems…

Spellspire Header


Spellspire is a spelling RPG by developer 10Ton that sees you spelling words to cast spells and climb a 100 story tower.

Spellspire Header

Spellspire Review – More Like Spell Higher

I have a strange love for spelling games, especially ones that mix in some RPG elements. About a year ago, I gave Letter Quest a shot but ultimately found it…

Neon Chrome Logo

Neon Chrome Review – Failure to Launch

Neon Chrome is a twin-stick shooter roguelite that just hit PlayStation 4 and touts improvements based on feedback from its initial Steam release. The gameplay certainly is refined here, and it will…