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The Round Up: Gamer Sweet Spot Time

We haven’t done a sweet spot build in quite a while, over a month, so let’s see what we can build for a moderate sum of money. We’re aiming for…

rsz amd athlon x4 860k

AMD PC Build: The Bee – $550 1080p Beast

There are a lot of new developments happening with computers right now. Nvidia recently revealed two new graphics processors, and AMD is expecting to counter in the coming months. A…

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Konami Working with Microsoft to Bump Up Resolution in PES 2015

PES European Product Manager, Adam Bhatti stated on Twitter earlier that Konami was “communicating” with Microsoft, presumably to boost Resolution of its Pro Evolution Soccer 2015. Bhatti stated the following:…

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Next gen hardware, PS4 50% more powerful?

So with the release of the Ps4 and hot on its heels the release of the Xbox One, I decided I would do a write-up with a more technical breakdown…