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Nintendo Switch Review – It Just Works

Last month Nintendo released their latest console, the Nintendo Switch. This new hybrid console allows you to play games on your TV while also giving you the option to easily…

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Nintendo Accepts Cow Milking Challenge From Billings Farm & Museum

Billings Farm & Museum, a Vermont-based non-profit educational institution centered on dairy farming,  has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged Nintendo to a cow milking contest after one of their…

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Topping UK Charts, Biggest New IP Ever

Despite having to share the interest of gamers with the launch of the Nintendo Switch, it seems like Horizon Zero Dawn has still managed to come out on top. The game by…

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Nintendo Switch Presentation – Joycon enabled games announced

Today at the Nintendo Switch event after talking about all of the new features coming to the Nintendo Switch and the advancements of the Joycon features two games were announced:…