It’s been some time since Ivory Tower and Ubisoft released the first big expansion for their racing MMO The Crew. This expansion titled The Crew: Wild Run added a ton of new vehicles – including bicycles and choppers – to the game, as well as a monthly event called The Summit where players can compete for the best cars and upgrades in a variety of different game modes. 

Now players are also able to take part in stunt races as part of the monthly Summit competition. 

Players will put their skills to the test in off­road races, where they’ll have to complete a maximum number of stunts while hitting all the checkpoints as quickly as possible. To score, challengers put their talent on display and show off all their tricks – from 360s to front and backflips. To help them perform the most impressive stunts, several jump ramps are located along the course. Style and timing are both key to mastering Stunt Races.

These stunt races can be started by selecting them from the world map or by going to this month’s Summit meeting place and are only available for bikes in either the Raid spec, or the Dirt spec.

Along with the implementation of the Stunt Races, Ivory Tower has also added a few other features to the game as part of the April update for The Crew: Wild Run. Freedrive and Speedtrap challenges now have a Save and Share feature that allows players to create and save up to 10 custom challenges and share them with other players playing the game or via social media using their own unique ID. 

Players will now also have access to some new video tools for the game’s photo mode that allows players to tweak parameters such as the weather and the camera’s point of view. 

Stunt Races and the April update are available on the live servers now.

Chris Anderson

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