This weekend, Hurricane Irma has been slamming against southern Florida with winds breaking past 100 miles per hour. Buildings are expected to be ripped apart, homes likely demolished, and many utilities out of order for some time. She isn’t the first hurricane to do this during this past summer, and she won’t be the last. There will be many efforts to help raise money for the occurring disaster, and among them is efforts from the fighting game community.

Two professional Street Fighter players have taken the initiative. First is Chris Tatarian, who has set up a Tiltify campaign with a goal of $10,000. The proceeds will be going to the Direct Relief organization. Second, is Capcom Cup 2016 champion Du “NuckleDu” Dang, a Florida resident, who recently won the Street Fighter V tournament at DreamHack Montreal 2017. He announced that he will donating all of his winnings (which should be around $5,000 of the total $10,000 that was the tournament’s prize pool) to Hurricane Irma relief. Florida is home to FGC events organized by CEO (Community Effort Orlando), which are some of the biggest and busiest events in North America each year, not just because of travelers, but because of a bustling local scene too. Thus, the state has personal meaning and importance to those in the FGC.

Having immediately followed Hurricane Harvey hitting southeast Texas, and with Hurricane Jose trailing a few steps behind her, Irma is only one part of this year’s vicious and destructive Atlantic hurricane season. Many families will be affected, and billions upon billions of dollars worth of property damage is expected or already calculated. However, with people coming together to bring relief, save the helpless, and assist in rebuilding, we can continue living on. Disaster can bring people together, and the proactiveness of these two pros prove that those in the fighting game community – and gamers at large – are no exception.

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Matthew Fetrow

I've been playing video games since 4 years of age, and finally began to deeply invest myself into the world of fighting games in 2015 after many off-and-on encounters with games inside the genre. I have a preference for 3D fighters, but also enjoy Street Fighter, King of Fighters, and some airdashers. I'm also a big fan of RPGs and shmups.