Streaming Update: End of October 2015

Kevin Parsons / October 26, 2015 at 2:37 AM / Blog

Greetings and salutations audience member, this is the first ever streaming update and recap, and there is quite a bit to cover. This will be a monthly post about shows, recaps, and events on the TechRaptor Twitch channel. We have a few topics to cover for the month of October going into November, so let’s begin.

Getting the pat on the back out of way, we were, as far as we know, the first to stream Halo 5. Because of the larger audience it brought in, we got to experience a few new wonders and challenges going forth. The replays were saved to Streaming Archive Channel, in case you missed any of it. Of course,there will be more when we’re able, so stay tuned for that.

Next up I’ll talk about our regular shows. MOBA Team is our new show where we get our passionate writers who love to play Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, and Smite on rotation. Every Friday (usually between 6p.m-12a.m. EST) they get together to stomp and get stomped while trying not to be salty. There will be puns to be had and many laughs to share.

Throwback Thursday (usually 8p.m-12a.m. EST) is making a return too where a staff member will play an older game (usually before Gen 7) and reminisce about the old days or play something they missed a long time ago. If you are looking to check in on older games that probably don’t get streamed eslewhere, this is the show for you.

Finally we have the oldest of shows Multiplayer Tuesday (usually 8p.m-12a.m. EST) where we participate and examine the mayhem of multiplayer games, whether be it free to play or otherwise. We always welcome the  audience to join in on the fun for this one. Currently we are going through and exploring Skyforge to see what it has in store.

Moving on, we always try to match our theme week when we can. With Halloween just around the corner, unsurprisingly the Week of Spooky is coming in to go with the various articles that look at anything and everything horror in our 13 Days of Horror, which also highlights many Horror Games You Never Heard Of.  A few of the writers are prepared to be scared, and I have a few tricks up my sleeve—so you don’t want to miss it!.

The last piece of news is in regards to the Final Fantasy Marathon. That marathon, due to various circumstances, has been cancelled, though we did notice there was an Indiegogo campaign for it. We don’t want to leave those that contributed money to it in the dust, so we are asking those with the following (detailed below) to contact us so we can set up an alternative marathon that is agreed on. We do know that several of the backers were TechRaptor writers helping out their fellow writer, but we invite them also to share their thoughts on what they’d like to see. 

For proof of contribution to the campaign we will accept:

  • A Screenshot of the email showing contributions
  • A Screenshot of being logged in and showing it as a contribution
  • A Screenshot of being logged in and showing your name on the contributor page

Send those to [email protected]

For streaming, expect to see us on Monday through Friday between 12-4p.m in the afternoons and 8-12p.m at night.

We have more in store for November and hope the remainder of October gives you spooky raptor skeletons everywhere.

Kevin Parsons

Streaming Lead

I'm a long time gamer since the days of the Sega Genesis. I love everything there is about gaming from retro platformers to the fast paced fps games. My aim is to entertain you for a few hours on stream.