Streaming Update End of November 2015

Kevin Parsons / November 25, 2015 at 3:00 PM / Blog

Hello viewers and site goers, it’s time for the monthly update on streaming news. First I’d like to give a big thank you to all who donated to the Extra Life charity event. For 24 hours our team was online playing games to raise money for them. While our Extra-Life team did not meet our goal of $500, they came close at $401.42.  In total we gave away 36 codes over the course of 24 hours to the audience watching. In the interest of disclosure, Subsoap sent us 50 codes for Faerie Solitaire and FaeVerse Alchemy with the explicit instructions to give away only for charity events.

The next big thing we got to do was have Andrew Stretch preview Rise of the Tomb Raider on Stream. This is the second AAA game we’ve gotten a chance to preview on stream and the fourth title we have had the pleasure of previewing on stream. You can check out the VOD for it here if you would like to see what was in store for it. To check out other VODs, you can check out our growing TechRaptor Streaming YouTube channel

We also have access to the Paladins closed beta. Paladins is a team based shooter from HiRez Studios, taking the free-to-play approach upon release, and I am excited to get to participate and watch its development. With this the Skye is the limit.

Next up I’d like to talk a bit about what’s going on in the channel. First up we have our Editor in Chief Andrew Otton and News Editor Don Parsons playing through Divinity Original Sin Eenhanced Edition. This takes place on Thursdays in the morning as they try and co-op their way through story and turn based combat. Following that we have Robert Grosso Playing through Dragon Age: Inquisition, a fresh look from the Qunari chosen one. Finally theres the Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin Co-op playthroughs as we try and get through as many new games before the release of Dark Souls 3. 

Our Shows have remained steady this month. Trove took over the Multiplayer Tuesday time; it’s a voxel based MMO and anyone is welcome to join in the fun. Shining Force is our current Throwback Thursday game, and it’s been fun to go through again. Finally, the MOBA team is still going strong—this upcoming week is Heroes of the Storm.

That about covers the roundup for this month

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