Yesterday, while at the Game Developers Conference Paradox revealed the upcoming release dates for their forthcoming two strategy titles Stellaris and Hearts of Iron IV. Along with that is some new information of sorts so let’s get down to it!


Space, The Final Frontier

Space, The Final Frontier


Paradox’s first take on the space setting and utilizing both procedurally generated and random content has been getting a lot of hype understandably. One of Paradox’s goals with the title is also to lower the barrier to entry to the grand strategy genre while not losing any of the depth that has made them famed and a dominant force in that area. Interestingly, it is also the first time we get to see what Paradox can do when working with a non-historical setting, though all signs are looking good.

Galaxy Map

Galaxy Map

Stellaris will be releasing May 9, 2016 and for that we have a trailer they released with all new footage including the galaxy map, ships ready for battle and more!

Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron 4

While Stellaris takes us to galaxies far, far away in a distant future, Hearts of Iron IV takes us to an all too terrestial setting. For a while now, Paradox has had 4 grand strategy series with some different focuses in VictoriaEuropa UniversalisCrusader Kings, and of course Hearts of Iron. Of them all, Hearts of Iron is the most militaristic in large part due to being set in World War II where you have to set up your strategies and create allies to win the big war. They want to capture things in the war beyond the tactical or single fight level into that grand running a nation level.

Hearts of Iron 4 Production


Hearts of Iron IV is set for release less then a month after Stellaris with a release date of June 6th 2016. Below there’s a trailer as well as a recent developer diary that shares their vision to the game.

Do these titles interest you? Are you looking forward to a summer of grand strategy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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