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It would appear that Valve has stealthily updated the Steam storefront. What they have termed the Discovery 2.0 update brings a sleek new UI and a host of new features to help you figure out what game you want to play next.

The featured games at the top of the storefront now display their tags, a brief description, and 4 screenshots displayed next to the standard header image. Valve cracking down on misleading screenshots on game store pages makes a whole lot more sense now. Games that you already own will be filtered out of the new and bestselling lists, a feature that seems far more useful in actually using the Steam charts to find new games to play. You can also filter out movies, VR games, Early Access games, and any other tags you don’t want to see cluttering up the page.

What anyone with good taste does

What anyone with good taste does

Right below the featured games is now a section for games on sale, below that you will see a section displaying your friend’s recent activities, and then below that your discovery queue. My favorite addition to this update is the curator rehaul. Curator pages have been completely redesigned. You can check the TechRaptor curator page here to see for yourself. The curator recommendations on the front page have also been expanded, showing you the header for the game, which curator is recommending it and a quote of their full review. It will feed your curators’ latest recommendations and reviews into your front page now.

The “Recently updated” section of the storefront can now be filtered to only show games that you own that have been updated recently. The regular new releases have been cordoned off onto their own page, which shows Valve actually taking an effort to have at least a modicum of quality control on the Steam page.

For more information and a detailed look at all the changes, check out this page.

Quick Take

Personally, I’m pretty excited for this new update. It looks like Valve are taking some steps to improve known problems with the Steam store. I’m also a person who enjoys just browsing the Steam store to find a game to play from time to time, and it seems like this update is going to make that a much smoother process. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Reagan Cox

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Reagan Cox is a writer living in Kansas. If you can’t find him playing games or in the woods then he’s probably listening to records like the dirty hipster he is.

  • patyos

    LOL Love this update so far

  • Nice.

  • vonSanneck

    I can finally filter out Early Access, VR stuff, videos/movies & pre-purchase offers. This helps a lot. Also no more games I already bought shown on the sale page, which is nice.

  • Nope Naw

    I honestly don’t think this is much of an improvement. The featured box for me, at the moment of writing, shows me four new releases out of a possible twelve spots, and one of them is Deus Ex Mankind Divided. The rest are recommendations, many of which I couldn’t care less about. I would really want to be able to filter out “recommendations” and just see what’s new on there.

    Further, this update pushes the release list even further down than before. I don’t really care about “trending games”, steam curators, recently updated and I DEFINITELY don’t care about the discovery queue. When I go to the store front page I want to see the featured box (which is becoming increasingly irrelevant), the sales box and the release list. Both “discovery” updates have made the page clunkier and annoying to navigate as far as I’m concerned.

    I will say that I like the addition of showing screenshots when highlighting a game on the release list. That’s a nice touch and actually somewhat useful.

  • Jomoko

    finally we can put anime where it belongs: in the trash.

  • Aiat

    WTF? Now the main banner is mostly suggesting games, not showing new releases. And it keeps suggesting games like COD:MW2 becuase I played an online game lately?! Now they have pushed the new releases towards the end of the screen. This is not good, not good at all. Also, I hate the discovery cue, I don`t want to click through that. I just want to see the new releases in the featured box :(.