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Chances are, you probably haven’t heard of Monster Truck Destruction. Put out for $5 onto PC by ODD Games and Merge Games in July of 2015, the game was originally available on Android and designed for phones. As with many mobile ports, Monster Truck Destruction received criticism for its mobile design and simplistic graphics not living up to the standards of the PC platform. One such voice in the discussion was Daniel Hardcastle, better known to most as the YouTuber NerdCubed. A week after Monster Truck Destruction‘s debut on Steam, NerdCubed put up the following video about the title.

Just under 300,000 people have watched the video since then, which featured NerdCubed attempting to wrestle with the game’s lack of mouse controls on menus and the inability to put the trucks into reverse. In the time since the video’s release, ODD Games have fixed those issues via patches, which is good news for anyone interested in some quick and cheap monster truck fun. This should be where the story ends, but instead, it continues with an email that NerdCubed got from the developers as explained in another video.

To summarize, ODD Games want NerdCubed to remove his first impressions video of their game because the issues reflected in that video are no longer present. If NerdCubed doesn’t comply with this request, then ODD Games promise to “escalate” the situation to “the relevant authorities.” 

This isn’t the first time that Steam developers have clashed with YouTubers. In March, word got out about legal proceedings going forward between developer Digital Homicide and YouTube critic Jim Sterling. In addition, notable critics such as TotalBiscuit have had public scuffles with developers such as Wild Games Studios over copyright claims on impressions videos. Speaking of which, TotalBiscuit has already responded with a video of his own explaining the situation in some detail.

It isn’t clear if ODD Games is planning to issue a DMCA takedown of the video in this case, but it does add to a growing list of situations where game developers are actively attempting to remove or alter games criticism on YouTube. TechRaptor has reached out to both NerdCubed and ODD Games, and will update this piece if any response is received.

Alex Santa Maria

Reviews Editor

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  • Reptile

    They could simply ask for a note on the vídeo saying that the problem was not present anymore, or not even care about it since the video is old and I believe people are only watching it because the dev said they want it removed (Me included).

  • Dindu Nuffin

    It’s not representative of the actual product so yeah. That’s a thing.

    Now that videogame review sites are being destroyed from the inside out youtube reviews and first looks have become massively important. In fact a single reasonably popular video can be the difference. Way more than a written review, and the devs know that. They should however have contacted Nerd3 and asked him to have another look at the game now it’s fully patched. Having a wobbler on the Internet isn’t the way to do things.

    As for Jim Sterling; he clearly baited Digital Homicide into a slanging match because it suited his channel. He’s a shock jock. Drama is what he does. He’s a troll with an audience.

  • WhiteNut

    >It’s not representative of the actual product so yeah.
    It was at the time when it was released. If we were to go back and edit every review for games that have updated we’ll be making changes till a new console generation comes around.

    >As for Jim Sterling; he clearly baited Digital Homicide
    Yeah no, at this point in time the fault is clearly with DH. They’ve produced nothing but shit made from the ground up with bought assets and game code. Not a thing is originally theirs. Jim gave them a fair shake with their Dungeons of Kragmore game, they proceeded to lie about the game’s pricing and they dropped support for the game and went back to shoveling out garbage, in the space of a month they pushed out 20+ games on to steam greenlight all of which are the exact same game with just different art assets used for each version and they released like 3-5 versions with the same art pack.

  • killdeer

    Don’t release a product you’re not finished with then. Easy solution. Works for TVs, Movies and Books. Fucking Indie devs trying to get easy pay days for little or no work.