This week in State of the Game we’ll be taking a look at some stats for all the games released on Steam between the 16th and 22nd of October this year. Whilst on raw terms the high level stats are down from last week they’re quite steady when compared to the yo-yoing we’ve seen over the last couple months. Most of this week’s success can be attributed to this week’s top 3 releases so let’s take a closer look at each of them.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole takes the top spot by a solid margin. The Steam reviews haven’t been particularly kind to it however with it sitting at 64% approval as of writing. Primarily the complaints seem to centre on a lot of the content feeling like filler and the original feeling like a tighter game overall. This hasn’t stopped the game from doing well critically however.

Elex the action RPG from the developers behind other IPs such as Gothic and Risen comes in at number 2. Unlike most games on Steam however its primary audience is outside of the US (which comes in 3rd overall) with Germany accounting for the most time spent in the game followed by Russia. Considering that Elex received some special press in Germany (due to being made by a German company) this probably isn’t completely surprising but it is interesting to see such large deviations from the norm.

Brawhalla finally went 1.0 (well, 3.0 according to their Steam page) after spending over 3 years in Early Access. The game has maintained a pretty steady following over the past couple years and this particular release didn’t appear to change things much in either direction. Indeed it seems to be business as usual for the game which, given their relatively strong stats, isn’t a bad thing at all.

Icey tops the trending section this thanks to it being bundled with a Steam link for an incredibly low price (albeit only in the US). Whilst there’s no reliable stats on how many people took advantage of the fact that you could return the game after buying it (netting you a Steam Link for just $1) it seems quite a few stuck around to give it a go.

David Klemke

State of the Game

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