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It has been announced that Double Fine’s highly anticipated game Psychonauts 2 will be published by none other than Starbreeze Publishing (Dead By DaylightPayday 2). This news comes from a news update posted on the official Starbreeze website. Starbreeze will also be a major investor in Psychonauts 2.

Starbreeze will be able to recoup 100% of its full investment including marketing costs with an initial revenue share of 85% after distribution and platform fees and Fig crowdfunding revenue share. Starbreeze share of revenues will become 60% after the investment is recouped. Double Fine will retain 100% of the intellectual property relating to Psychonauts 2.

That they’re confident about recouping their investment is a pretty good sign since Starbreeze has invested 8 million dollars into the project. This money comes on top of the nearly 4 million dollars Double Fine managed to raise via Fig, a crowdfunding platform which has Double Fine’s Tim Schafer on its advisory board. Even though Starbreeze is footing a major part of the bill, Double Fine will still retain all creative rights to their work and the Fig crowdfunding portion comes off first, ensuring those who invested through Fig aren’t superseded by Starbreeze.

Many of us gamers who’ve grown up during 70’s and 80’s have at some point come across the great games from Double Fine and Tim Schafer. Games like Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, and Brütal Legend are all in the list of personal all time favorites for many of us. We’re very proud to be able to add this prominent collaboration to our Publishing business. Starbreeze is looking forward to support Double Fine in bringing the new and exciting game Psychonauts 2 to young and old gamers world wide.

Bo Andersson-Klint, Starbreeze CEO

Tim Schafer has also gone on record to say that he’s positive about this new partnership, saying that Starbreeze’s expertise doesn’t end at developing and publishing video games since they’ve been known to support their games post-launch as well.

Psychonauts was announced back in 2015 during the Game Awards and is scheduled to release on PC, PlayStation 4, Linux and Xbox One in 2018.

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  • ParasiteX

    Why am I not surprised Tim once again screws up managing the funding? Was no mention of them seeking extra publishers for this, at start of crowdfunding. And yet they still go e-begging to a publisher for more funding.
    If 4 million is not enough to make the game. Then be honest about it from the fucking start…


    I’m more irritated that the direct sequel (Rhombus of Ruin) is PS-VR exclusive.

  • Sam Guglielmo

    Uh, actually they did mention they were seeking publishers. The following is a direct quote from the fig page:

    “We’re calling upon you to help make this game a reality. And for that, we’re asking for $3.3m.“$3.3m?!” you ask bewildered, “that sounds like 2D graphic adventure money! Surely that isn’t enough to make something as grandiose as Psychonauts 2!” Well, you are correct, you’ve seen right through us… are you sure you’re not psychic?

    Yes, we do need more than that, as we’ve previously said we need to raise at least the same amount that went into making the original Psychonauts, which had a budget in the $10-13.5m range. In order to do that, we need to gather money from multiple sources.”

  • Nope Naw

    Schafer going on record being positive about the partnership? No shit. They’re shoving 8m into his pants.

  • Serathis

    Don’t Schafer this up.