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Earlier today an Xbox 360 development build of Star Wars Battlefront III was leaked online. It was leaked via 4chan today from user ProtoFaggot. This build is a version of the Battlefront game that was in development by Free Radical and was eventually cancelled back in 2008.

After originally showing up on 4chan, Proto’s post made its way to various subreddits. In his original post he explains that the build of the game will only work on “Xbox 360 Development kits, XNA kits, and any 360 that can use RGLoader (Which makes it be treated like a development kit) so if your 360 is modded you can get it working via RGLoader.” As well as warning people against issues like poor frame rate, bugs and crashing, he says that he is hopeful that the modding community will be able to get the game out to a wider audience that don’t have access to the specific hardware that is currently required to play this build.

As well as providing the download link Proto also have provided various images and webm’s showing off the game.

Star Wars Battlefront III Hoth

Hmmm this looks awfully familiar

The first video captures shows some gameplay from a rebel trooper on the surface of Hoth. The map shown is almost identical to the Hoth level that is present in EA’s recent Star Wars Battlefront release. The big differences are that things like vehicles spawn on the map and are available to drive instead of being relegated to random power-ups.

Star Wars Battlefront III Savage

Savage Opress… what a name

The next piece of footage shows off some gameplay as a Sith. The Sith in particular seems to be Savage Opress, the brother of Darth Maul. He is sprinting through some kind of space station before encountering a Wookie that doesn’t seem to respond very well to his lightsaber swings.

Star Wars Battlefront III Level Select

Levels from a variety of planets and space ships

The final video that Proto linked shows off the number of levels that are present in the build of Battlefront III. It seems that there are 25 levels and 6 stages meant for the testing of weapons and vehicles. This is another big difference between the planned Battlefront III and EA’s Battlefront , since the latest Battlefront only released with 12 maps with season pass holders getting an additional 16 over the course of a year. The last half of the video then mostly shows off just how bad the load times are in this development build.

What do you think of this leak? Are you happy or sad to see parts of this game seeing the light of day? Would you have still wanted this game to come out?

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  • Won’t those .webm’s eventually 404, considering they’re hotlinked to 4chans server?

  • Andrew Stretch

    Good point, have changed them to webmshare 🙂 Had them saved locally anyway

  • Nicki Ashley

    With the massive disappointment of EA’s cash grab poorly dressed up like a game, I’d imagine the modding community will happily make a functioning version of this Battlefront. Maybe in another year or so we will see something. Then again, I completely expect EA to be a bunch of faggots about it and be extremely litigious about the whole thing.

  • Reptile

    EA be like “Oh people aren’t buying our game because this leaked Battlefront III!”
    When truth is that people are after Battlefront III leaked content because EA’s battlefront is crap.

  • braneman

    What makes me sad about this entire Battlefront situation is that if EA hacks out something next year that’s even an eighth resembling a battlefront game then that’s going to be seen as a good thing rather than the disappointment it actually is. Simply because they tried so little with the first one.

  • Wisdomcube2000

    I’m calling it now, any attempt at a proper mod (that also gets somewhat popular) will get shut down pretty quickly.

  • The leaked trailer from years ago made this build in its current state looks like it has more content than the full game EA put out. I can’t imagine how incredible the finished product could’ve been.

  • Kev Lew

    at least they had the decency to insert the EA logo into the battlefront border to make it damned obvious that the pretty but pathetic release is not a star wars battlefront 3, it is Battlefront EA.