Star Wars: Battlefront II‘s multiplayer has received all sorts of coverage from trailers aplenty to a public beta that’s contributed to widespread panic about the growing presence of microtransactions. However, the single-player component has been kept on the down-low with the exception of revealing its general premise and cinematic cutscenes. That continues with a more extensive look into Iden Versio’s adventures in the campaign. Not only can you see her escaping from a Rebel ship, but you also catch glimpses of new locations and characters she’ll come across. An Imperial invasion of Naboo is showcased as well as a TIE Fighter pursuing the Millennium Falcon on Takodana. Maz (from The Force Awakens) herself shows up, including Princess Leia, but it’s unclear who these prominent figures are talking to in the trailer. Unlike in previous trailers, this one implies that Iden will come in conflict with her father and squad, indicating that she might be willing to risk insubordination or even defect in some way.

Official details may be scant on how the campaign will work, but multiple previews from outlets like Polygon and GameSpot shed some light on what to expect for the first couple hours. One of the first missions puts you in the role of Iden’s ID10 seeker droid to free her from a Rebel ship. You stealthily make your way through corridors and vents, even zapping Rebels if need be with an electric shock to knock them unconscious. Once you save her, you take control of her and blast your way to an airlock where your personal ship is waiting for you outside. The next mission involves fighting on Endor before the Death Star II’s demise, which is followed by another where you navigate through the space station’s wreckage in a TIE Fighter while fending off X-Wings and Y-Wings. In watching the gameplay footage, it’s evident that it’s formed around the multiplayer with foils like different characters to play as and reworked objectives that fit the context of the story. However, recycled assets and maps look to be balanced out with the aforementioned missions that have settings totally foreign to the multiplayer.

Star Cards are being brought to the campaign, too. You earn them throughout missions and can swap them out at stations to equip different weapons, recon abilties, and so forth. GameSpot editors Oscar Dayus and Miguel Concepcion mentioned that these Star Cards can carry over to the multiplayer, thereby incentivizing players to try their hand at the campaign first. However, since the preview session was around two hours for outlets like GameSpot, it remains unclear how intrusive or integral Star Cards will be later on.

What do you make of the first concrete details on Battlefront II’s campaign gameplay? What kind of missions are you hoping to go on as you execute Operation Cinder in the name of the Emperor? Are you concerned about Star Cards’ involvement in the campaign? Set weapons for stun in the comments section below to let us know.

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