The original Star Wars: Battlefront 2, released in 2005, saw official server support cease for consoles back in 2010 and on PC in 2014 when GameSpy shutdown. Since then, players have had to use a third-party service called GameRanger to play Battlefront 2  online. Now, however, GOG has teamed up with Disney to officially bring multiplayer support back to the original game.

Multiplayer won’t be limited solely to the GOG version of the game and the use of GOG Galaxy, as players on Steam will be able to join in the multiplayer as well. Battlefront 2 should receive an update, which includes the multiplayer support. All you need to do is boot up the game to get playing online. Those who own the game on GOG will need to run the game through GOG Galaxy to get the online capabilities.

Battlefront 2’s Online will be hosted by GOG, and as explained to us, the online service will function identically to how GameSpy did previously. That means that GOG will be handling the matchmaking whereas the servers will be hosted locally or on private dedicated servers.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2017) releases this November, which is the second game in the rebooted Star Wars Battlefront series. While the games work very differently, the core idea behind the original series and the rebooted one is fairly similar. So, if you can’t wait for the newest Battlefront II this November, you can get your hands on the original and play it online.

We asked GOG if they plan to see other games updated with multiplayer in the future, and they said while they have no plans to announce right now, “the right opportunity may come along in the future.”

In addition to this announcement, GOG is having a Disney sale that will last until October 9th. You can get up to 80% off on classic Disney games, including Star Wars: Battlefront II.

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Will you be jumping into play Star Wars: Battlefront 2 online? What other classic games would you like to see get online support again? Let us know in the comments below!

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