Star Wars Battlefront 2, the game everyone’s been talking about this holiday season for being a bit too stingy with its in-game rewards (among other things), is getting ready for the release of The Last Jedi Season. The first free content drop for the game, EA has unveiled a few upcoming features and a slightly improved reward system. Over the next few weeks, players will be given the chance to represent the First Order or the Resistance in the game, helping their respective faction complete challenges for extra rewards. In addition, as the release of The Last Jedi creeps ever closer, you can expect to see the implementation of Finn and Captain Phasma into the game as Hero characters. A new Galactic Assault map that takes place on the salt-covered planet of Crait and a new Starfighter Assault map will also be added to Battlefront 2. 

In addition, some new single-player content will be coming to Star Wars Battlefront 2, giving players a chance to play as Iden Versio during the early days of the First Order’s rise to power. Dubbed Star Wars Battlefront 2 Resurrection, this new set of campaign levels will be available on December 13. The new single player content, alongside the aforementioned multiplayer content, will be available to all players for free (though it should be noted that there was no mention of an in-game Credit cost for the new Heroes).

Star Wars Battlefront 2

As for the here and now, Battlefront 2’s rewards system received a couple of tweaks in favor of players as the number of Credits that you can receive from playing has been increased across the board. Perform well enough in a match, and you’ll receive even more Credits to buy even more Loot Crates. Arcade Mode also had its daily Credit cap increased to 1500, meaning that you can play Arcade Mode more often with a reduced risk of getting nothing for your efforts. You don’t even have to play a single match to benefit from the improved rewards, as the daily Loot Crates that you receive from merely logging onto the game will give you more crafting parts, helping you create more and better Star Cards (i.e. perks).

Of course, DICE and EA still have a long way to go before they can salvage Star Wars Battlefront 2’s reputation, but at least this is a small step (ideally one of many) in the right direction.

Are you playing Star Wars Battlefront 2? Are you more willing to pick it up with EA’s continued tweaks to its much-maligned loot box system? Let us know in the comments below!

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