EA has revealed new details of what awaits players in the Star Wars: Battlefront II Beta coming in October. This post on the PlayStation blog gives us the low down on the game’s new Arcade mode. This new single-player mode lets players team up with AI to take on enemy teams, play as a hero against waves of enemies, and take on a variety of scenarios from all eras of the franchise. The Beta, which opens to all comers from the 6-9th of October, will include a taste of Arcade mode with a 10 v 10 battle and a ‘Hero vs many’ scenario. A new trailer featuring John Boyega detailing some of the new mechanics and modes for Battlefront II was also released alongside the article.

The full version of Arcade mode will allow players to take in customized loadouts with equipment and Star Cards unlocked through multiplayer, giving them an opportunity to test out and tweak various class builds outside of the competitive environment. On consoles, players will also be able to team up in local co-op or play split screen versus matches in Arcade mode. The mode will also include Battle Scenarios, which are more carefully orchestrated scenarios which can be taken on solo or in co-op. If you need a leg up in multiplayer, Arcade mode will let you earn Credits by making progress and completing challenges, which can be used to unlock crates for more Star Cards.

We already know from EA’s previous announcements that the Beta will include the multiplayer modes Galactic Assault and Starfighter Assault. We now know that the Theed map will be included for the 10 v 10 fight in Arcade mode and that the previously revealed Naboo map will be the setting for the Hero vs many fight, which features Darth Maul as the player character. Pre-ordering the game before October 1st will give early access to the Star Wars Battlefront II Beta from October 4th, two days before it opens up to the public across PS4, Xbox One, and PC via EA Origin.

For some early impressions on Battlefront II‘s gameplay, check out our E3 preview.

Will you be joining the Star Wars Battlefront II Beta? Are these single player additions, on top of the campaign, going to satisfy players who found the previous Battlefront lacking? Give us your take in the comments below!


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