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No Man’s Sky has seen a rough week. On top of news regarding stagnating sales for the game on Steam, a lot of customers are upset about launch bugs and Hello Games’ Sean Murray flip flopping on paid DLC, the hyped space survival sandbox game is now seeing problems with a number of PlayStation 4 customers..

According to this article from, customers who have purchased No Man’s Sky using the online store through the PS4 are seeing issues in trying to refund their digital purchase and get their money back from Sony.

While physical games have a more lenient different refund policy (Depending on which store you buy from), Sony’s refund policy seems to be anything but lenient. According to the finer details of the refund policy, if you have purchased a game digitally you have 14 days to cancel and get a refund. However, if you start downloading or streaming the game, you won’t be able to get your money back. The only way you can get a refund after you’ve started downloading or streaming is if “the content is faulty.”

What constitutes “faulty content”? 

As Eurogamer points out, many No Man’s Sky PlayStation 4 customers have experienced in-game crashes and motion sickness. However, even in light of these content-based issues, Sony has still refused to issue refunds to these customers. Instead representatives for the company have begun urging customers to direct their complaints to the developer.

On top of that, the support reps have also confused several customers. One of the customers quoted in the Eurogamer article relates a very jarring experience with a PlayStation customer support rep who told him that even if he did receive a refund for No Man’s Sky, his PlayStation 4 would not run a physical or digital copy afterwards. According to the rep, the system would delete the license from the man’s account and block any future attempts to add one.

However, further down in the article, the author relates how the refund policy language seems to say the opposite and that even if a refund is issued for a particular game, that game will still be playable later on down the road. 

The confusing language of Sony’s refund policy stands in stark contrast to the Steam refund policy, which allows for a no-questions-asked refund either 14 days after a digital purchase or before 2 hours of gameplay have been completed. This could cause issues for Sony, in places like the European Union and Australia, much like they did for Valve regarding steam due to consumer protection laws.

What do you think? Is Sony’s refund policy fair or does it need to be rewritten? Do you think the EU or Australia could be legal action? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Edit: As pointed out by Silver King in the comments, physical games in fact do not have that much more of a lenient refund policy than digital games. 

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  • Casey

    “Instead representatives for the company have begun urging customers to direct their complaints to the developer.”

    I’m sure one Sean Murray is thrilled to hear that.

  • chaoguy

    Sony are just as much at fault for hyping this title up to sell more PS4s.
    If this does go to a class lawsuit, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn Sony encouraged the dev to be vague to sell it on hype, or just them being negligent and not checking up on the dev being shit.

    I hope all companies learn dropping a stinker is better than releasing it.

  • Kev Lew

    time for the European consumer standards agencies to warm up the pokers again, if valve/steam can be made to learn then so can sony. Personally I saw the way the wind was blowing with this game months ago, it was promising more than elite managed to do but without the overall sim, too many other examples of this game type failing to live up to expectations for anyone prudent to pre-order or buy day 1 before trustworthy PC reviews were out (especially with that zero PC review code warning flag).

  • BurntToShreds

    Well-said. When EA – EA, well-known for their anti-consumer policies both past and present – has an amazing pro-consumer return policy on their digital distribution platform, then that should give *any* corporation pause to consider their own platform’s policies.

  • Murray might as well as start practicing to be a politician. He’s got the letting people down part right, now he just needs to learn to sweet talk them afterwards.

  • Totally agree and a lot of good points here. It seems like Sony has gotten comfortable screwing their customers over for the bottom line, even if it doesn’t work.

  • Casey

    To be fair, politicians don’t usually sweet talk afterwards. People are usually stupid enough to forget right away.

  • DarthForte

    Ah yes, this reminds me of my own refund woes with Sony’s incompetent customer service. As a background, I live in Singapore, and therefore have to deal with the Asian PSN, which has traditionally been awful when it comes to online purchases and customer support.

    So, I bought Ultra Street Fighter IV for my 40gb PS3, as the store page listed the game size as something well under 30gb (I believe it was somewhere around 18gb?). The store promptly gave me a warning that I didn’t have enough space to install the game, which I thought was fine as I hadn’t cleared out space from my hard drive yet, so it didn’t seem like an issue at the time. Only later did I find out that you need to have double the space of the installed game or else you can’t install it.

    The best part? My PS3 simply couldn’t have enough space to install the game unless I replaced my HDD. Of course, I didn’t want to spend more money just to play my game, so I requested for a refund.

    The customer service rep told me my refund would be processed in a few working days and the funds added to my PSN wallet. I thought that was that, but a few days later I received an email stating that my refund request was rejected. I called their customer service, and the rep explained to me that under refund policy, the game wasn’t deemed as faulty and therefore the refund was rejected.

    Nevermind that I wasn’t given enough warning (the store page should’ve at least told me I needed 36gb or something to install it), or that I never even installed the game, or that I simply couldn’t play the game given my current situation.

    That’s a bunch of money wasted for absolutely fuck all. Fuck Sony and their refund policy, and fuck the Asian PSN for being goddamn awful too.

  • One-Eye

    I played it on a friend’s PC.

    It’s boring as fuck, there’s no two ways about it.

  • Barnassey

    You are complaining about that when a laptop hdd is literally 50 bucks for a 1TB drive? seriously? How cheap are you to whine about that?

  • mrfusspot

    No surprise there. Every company is going to be trying as hard as they can to screw over consumers and keep their dollar these days, as more and more games are released in either broken states with the “promise” of a fix down the line, or as over hyped games that don’t deliver on the expectation. The only reason Steam/Valve has their refund policy is because they did get slapped and in trouble for having a garbage policy before, and needed to do something to appease courts and save face.
    Not to mention that Sony has the financial need to keep this game from losing money, since they did help the game come to this point.

  • Ryma Tosa

    *face to desk* This will never end *sighs*

  • Ryma Tosa

    True, one of the most hated companies knows best how to handle customers. What a wicked world.

  • Ryma Tosa

    Reminds me to the Sonic Cycle… Oh, I bet you all heard of it already 😉

  • SevTheBear

    Never pre-order, don’t believe the hype, do not buy on day 1 and wait for reviews from websites and Youtubers you TRUST. This has been recommended by many for the last 10 years. That companies keeps screwing over consumers like this, proofs once again that the majority of people are still to naive and do ALWAYS check refund rules before buying.

  • Sliver King

    First off, it think the support agent was just trying to get the person scared to keep asking for a refund with the whole it deletes the license and you can never play it again. Secondly, I don’t consider minion sickness a faulty part of the game. VR headsets can cause the same thing. As for the game crashing. I would say that depends on how many times or how the game is crashing. Is the game crashing to so bad you can’t play? Or has it crashed once? I do agree though with Sony on contacting Hello Games. They made the broken, disappointing, piece of crap, and should have to deal with this.

    As for physical copies being more lenient, not to sure about that. We don’t get a refund if we open the game. I know Gamestop gives you 30 days to return an unopened game but only 7 days for a preowned game.

    Steam is dependent upon games being downloaded so they would have to somewhat of a refund policy. There is no physical option or preowned games.

  • Sliver King

    Yea this is more on you. There was nothing wrong with the game. Just because the 18gb was the initial install doesn’t mean there was a day 1 patch or updates. I

  • Ha, good point.

  • “t think the support agent was just trying to get the person scared to keep asking for a refund with the whole it deletes the license and you can never play it again”

    This could have been a possibility, though customer support rep confusion is a common problem with a lot of large companies.

    ” I don’t consider minion sickness a faulty part of the game.”

    That’s a fair point, though there needs to be some way to deal with issues like this because some people aren’t even aware of the motion sickness until they play certain games.

    “As for physical copies being more lenient, not to sure about that. We don’t get a refund if we open the game. I know Gamestop gives you 30 days to return an unopened game but only 7 days for a preowned game.”

    It’s been a while since I’ve been to a Gamestop, but I remember them changing their refund policy a while back after people started really taking advantage of it.

    Edit: You’re right, their return policy is also pretty terrible: The only difference seems to be that Gamestop allows you to exchange the physical item for a new one.

  • I hope Sony get sued for this.

  • Sony is the one selling the game on PSN so they are responsible for refunding.

  • big dick bro

    The simple fact that Sean Murray blatantly and intentionally lied on many issues should justify everyone being able to refund period.

  • Einherjar

    I only had bad experiences with Sonys customer support.
    Luckily, it was something less “severe”.

    I purchased DLC content for “Dynasty Warriors 8” on PS3, which was labeled as cross buy content for all versions, also the “Complete Edition” for both the PS Vita and the PS4.

    The issue was, that half of the licenses didn’t show up on my PS4 library (which turned out to be an entirely different problem altogether).

    So i called customer service and talked with them for 4 (!) hours on something, that should take mere minutes. I am no expert, but im pretty sure that if i can prove my purchase (which i could) and can prove from several sources (Store page, Wikia Page etc) that the content in question is indeed cross buy content, that they would be able to access my account and set the relevant flags to “purchased”.

    The result of 4 hours of payed phone calls ? “Sorry, we cant help you with this”.
    Absolutely no result, no “contact this and that” or “might check this” no nothing.

    4 Hours of “please hold the line, im asking a colleague” and no result other than “Yeah, we can see your purchase, we see that its cross buy, and we see that youre not able to load it onto your PS4….but we dont know why” And that was is…

    Same goes for physical repairs. While Nintendo for instance repaired my long over warranty Wii for free (just shipping) twice (!), Sony asked 200 bucks up front for issue analysis (!) (While the issue was clear, it was the well known faulty drive issue) plus actual repair costs plus shipping.

    Sonys CS is absolutely abysmal, in any regard and youre in a pretty miserable situation should you ever need them

  • Kain Yusanagi

    They’ve learnt from all that negative feedback.

  • Leithal

    I had a long, heart to heart with Sony support. They can’t tell me why they denied my refund, or why mine is different than everyone who DID get a refund. No matter how hard I pressed they wouldn’t tell me. If there was a specific policy, and it was germane to my situation that would have been different. Perhaps they roll a 20D on every call.

    I think I’m going to talk to American express – if Sony suspends my account I really don’t think it will be that much of a loss. I can play most games on my PC, and don’t play all the time anyway. It’s a losing proposition for Sony – $59 back to me, vs my yearly memberships, and other things I’ll never buy in the future.

    If you are interested in looking at the chat with the agent it’s at

  • Simon Coope

    One thing that pissed me off about the limit on use for refund is every time I rang Sony wanting a refund, they told me to try this and that, which added another hour on the game in one phone call. Did this on three separate occasions and they said you can’t have a refund now because you’ve exceeded the two hours, I’d only had an hour when I first complained. So I’ve cancelled my ongoing subscription and will never buy Sony again, at a time when Sony needs to bend over backwards to keep its fans. Goodbye Sony, Goodbye Hello!, Hello PC and XBox