So far, all of the Playstation 4 news has been nothing but good, and exciting. Yesterday, however, Sony took a slight step back and announced that the PS4 would have no DLNA Support. What does this mean, you may be asking. It means, that media servers such as Plex, will not be able to stream their content through your PS4.

The DLNA feature of the PS3 was one of the most cherished features for people who didn’t have a dedicated device such as a Roku for streaming their already owned (or stolen, we don’t judge!) MP3’s and videos over their own networks. Using a program like PS3 Media Server, you were able to watch anything you had saved on a computer at your house, turning the PS3 into the ultimate media center.

We get why they removed the feature, it’s because they want people to use their own media store and streaming services, instead of using your own. But if you are already purchasing your own media, whether it come from Google or Amazon, then you don’t want to pay a second time to watch something that you already have. It’s kind of a bad move! I have a ton of movies and music on my server at home, and I loved streaming it over my PS3 instead of having to watch it on a laptop!

There has been so much backlash from this announcement, that PlayStation boss Shuehei Yoshida has even commented, telling fans on Twitter, “Thanks for the feedback to the lack of MP3 and DLNA support at the launch of PS4. I’ll share with the PS4 Dev team for future consideration.” Now this could mean a variety of things, though. He could either be trying to appease us, or it could be a thing where the PS3 Dev team is actually starting to work on a patch to re-add DLNA support. Only Time will tell!

It’s also worth noting, the Xbox One WILL have DLNA Support.

What do you think, bad move by Sony?


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