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In an interview with (and a translation provided by DualShockers), Senior Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment, Masayasu Ito, spoke to them regarding the position the PS Vita now finds itself in. With the recent news that that a Vita successor is not likely on the horizon, Vita fans may be a little disheartened to know that Sony currently has no first party Vita games in development, while implying there are no plans for some in the future.

First let’s be clear that this does not mean development for any games on the Vita has stopped, just those developed by Sony’s own studios. Instead, Ito explained that those studios are being shifted over to the PS4 to focus on developing games for that system.

This isn’t something entirely out of the blue or new either, as Sony mentioned back at E3 this year no more big Vita games would likely be released for the system. So, this is more of a confirmation that this is indeed the case.

This all means that nobody should expect any big name Playstation franchises to appear on the Vita anymore—at least not for a long while. We’ve started to see some of this already with some games debuting on the Vita to only have the sequel be a Playstation 4 exclusive, like with Tearaway and Tearaway: Unfolded. The same thing recently happened with Gravity Rush and the recently announced Gravity Rush 2

This also means we probably shouldn’t expect to see any more HD collections or remakes of older games like they have done with Sly Cooper and most recently God of War.

However, don’t be too disheartened though, as Sony will likely continue the trend in allowing you to stream the big budget PS4 games to your Vita.

Quick Take

While the Vita isn’t all that old, releasing in Japan in 2011, it has certainly lost steam, particularly in the West. Though, this is a little surprising when, according to vgchartz, half of the top 20 best selling Vita games are first party titles. Though, if you look at the sales, of even the best selling game at 1.47 million … it may be a bit easier to understand why they are pushing their talent towards the Playstation 4. 

In any case, though, there will still be plenty of cool third party titles to enjoy.

Andrew Otton

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  • GuitarAnthony

    Sony Morto

  • Tom Evans

    The sad part is the next big purchase I’m making for a game is Gundam Extreme vs Force, For the vita.

    Why bandai thought moving the series back onto handhelds after two incredibly successful console games has me scratching my head.

  • Jason Ashman

    This makes me mega sad 🙁

  • Sebastian Mikulec

    Realistically, Sony stopped 1st party development for the Vita a long time ago.

  • As long as Atlus, NIS and XSEED keep releasing games for the Vita, that’s fine by me.

  • Kev Lew

    Vita has almost exactly what mobile could use to go gaming, bigger battery, solid controls and more storage, a shame phone companies (apple particularly) are adverse to allowing third parties to use the hand-held supercomputers to full effect.

  • Kev Lew

    japan is a marketplace unto itself, problem is nintendo has effectively stitched up the entire hand-held scene with a cheaper product (regardless of it’s inferior capabilities), it is an almost literal reverse of the console situation.

  • Mr Snow

    The library of PS+ games I no longer have access to on my Vita almost makes me think of reupping my PS+. But then I see the other games they’re offering…

    My Vita is basically my Persona 4 Golden emulator. But Dragonquest Builders looks fun.

  • Steven Russell

    Sadly even the third party lineup is pretty awful, unless you want to play nothing but uninspired indie ports and weird as fuck Japanese stuff :/

  • Takua343

    Sony has no one to blamebut themselves for this state of affairs. This news isnt too shocking since they BARELY tried to do anything for the vita inthe first place. Had they actually given a shit the vita wouldnt be selling like piss

  • Takua343

    Gravity Rush was the last game they put out that they had any investment in. way back just after launch. they forgot that no playstatikn system sells well at first just cause the ps4 sold well and calledit quits before actually trying to fix anything

  • eltonBorges


  • eltonBorges

    That shows so much laziness from Sony. Yeah, I understand the console didn’t sell as much as expected, but it’s far from dead, and Sony could use it a bit like as an experimental console: Put companies to create experimental material on it, you can bet some gems would pop up in due time.
    Maybe, even free the Vita even more for developers to put the content they want in the console. Well, I’m ok with the console, and we have some nice titles on the way, so, let sony say goodbye to it, since other companies are not.

  • the7k

    It really is too bad the Vita was such an incredible system.

    I bought the Vita entirely aware it was gonna be discontinued shortly after, because anyone who had been paying attention to Sony knows their tendency to just drop shit as soon as they feel it might require a small amount of effort.

    EyeToy, PlayStation Eye, PlayStation Move, PSP Go, PlayStation Minis and now the Vita. I’m sure a few others I’m forgetting too. Can’t trust them to not run with their tail between their legs at the slightest bit of challenge.

    Oh well. No shame in hacking it now.

  • Scruffy, the Janitor

    This system had so much potential. It could have been a bridge from the home console to the mobile market. The tech behind it was amazing, it was miles more powerful than the 3DS, and Sony had killer IPs. It’s such a shame it was wasted potential. I loved my original PSP and despite not owning one myself, I hoped the Vita would force Nintendo to push hardware more than they did. Sadly, it didn’t. This was a failure on Sony’s end. A big one at that.

  • Slick JMista

    Buy the handheld and the games WILL come. You can see the Japanese devs coming because the Japanese userbase is growing.

  • Slick JMista

    PSP had two original MGS games. I’m heartbroken that we’ll never see one for the Vita.