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Sony recently announced a new line of 64 GB Micro SDXC cards which promise to reduce electrical noise affecting the analog audio output. These “Premium Sound” cards cost $160, which puts their price at over a hundred dollars more than regular 64 GB cards. Sony itself is unsure how popular they would be but stated, “we thought some among people who are committed to great sound quality would want it.”

It didn’t take long after this product was announced before heavy criticism was directed at Sony’s claims about the product. The words “scam” and “snake oil” were used liberally. The consensus that emerged across tech sites and forums is that Sony’s claims don’t hold up. The card is supposed to reduce the electrical noise caused by the card when data is read from it. However as it has been pointed out in Reddit discussions the amount of noise generated by SDXC cards is so small that it can’t be measured.

While this card seems to offer no benefit to an average user, someone pointed out that there may actually be some benefit in using this card in recording situations. If the signal is being amplified, then what was once an imperceptible level of electrical noise can potentially become noticeable. However even in this situation it’s still questionable how much benefit this card will provide. There are electronic components which contribute far more to the overall noise than the SDXC card itself, so the benefits of this would probably be negligible without also dealing with the other sources of electrical noise.

When the product is finally released on the market some controlled tests regarding the card’s noise reducing feature should finally put this matter to rest, but right now the product appears to offer very little, if any, tangible benefits.

Do you think this product is a scam by Sony, or are there some real benefits being provided by this product? Leave your comments below.

Max Michael

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  • Farmer John Jensen

    Sony really wants to unseat EA as the most hated company, don’t they?

  • Ncrdrg

    So we’ve got another Monster cable situation here. ‘This cable is totally worth 100$ more than the 5$ generic one!’

  • Ben Kuyt

    Consumer advice time!

    If you go to a Worst Buy or whatever and you need a cable of some sort, buy the generic Insignia or Rocketfish cables. Fun fact! They’re made of the exact same cable as the Monster cables and stuff, the only difference is their speeds are tampered with a little bit to lower them. However, after a certain bitrate, most cables are indistinguishable to their high priced cousins.

  • Ncrdrg

    For the most part, except when you require a really long cable, it works or it doesn’t. So essentially, no difference between your 100$ one and the 5$ one. Good luck finding them that cheap in stores though. I ordered mine online, it was like 2$ for the cable and 3$ for shipping. Has served me faithfully ever since!

  • Arcon

    Id much rather Sony move forward and release the inevitable 256GB mSD cards. More storage is always a good thing

  • Rule #1 of selling hi-fi: Never underestimate the gullibility of audiophiles.

  • Unbeliever

    Perhaps they will team up with “Beats by Dr. Dre” and sell a pack marketed as the best hi-fi combination equipment ever….. It could work.

  • Farmer John Jensen

    Or if you require shielded cables. Most of the Monster cables are shielded. Most of the budget cables are not. The more cables you have near each other, the more you want shielded cables to prevent them from interfering with one another. Likewise, if you’re doing in-wall you want the shielded cables to prevent signal noise from insulation and the like.

  • dsadsada

    Sounds like the proprietary micro SD cards they sell for the Vita. Except a lot easier to mock and point at particularly if you have a Vita.

  • Nick

    Why would you walk into one of those stores in the first place? Buy your cables from a cable place directly. We have one local, like 1/10th the price for cables instead of as you stated Worst Buy

  • Ben Kuyt

    Convenience? And not everyone has cable places nearby, so yea.

  • Ben Kuyt

    Yea, there really is no difference between the Monster cables and a cable that comes with your HD TV or monitor. It’s snake oil.