As a Playstation owner and advocate myself, I’m glad to see Sony giving back to its loyal customers.  Sony is now introducing the Play On Gaming Rewards.  While rewards programs like this tend to be a way to get you to dig deeper into your wallet than you would have already, if you’re a true fan and use Sony on a regular basis then you’re probably purchasing a lot of these items to begin with and this rewards program will only serve to lighten the financial load.  The Play On program allows you to earn points by doing everything from joining Playstation Plus to simply making an online purchase from a variety of sources.  To cut straight to the nitty gritty, a participant in Play On gets 100 points for linking his/her account and can earn 1 point for every dollar spent on PS Store when you link your account.  The same deal applies to the Sony Online store, but it doesn’t stop there.  You get 5x the points (5 points per dollar spent) on your first purchase after linking.  Joining Playstation Plus gets you another 250 points and select movie ticket purchases can get you up to another 400 points.  You can also earn points on purchases from the following when you shop through Points Plus on Sony Rewards:



Best Buy


They clearly want you to get that Playstation Credit Card (and why wouldn’t they?) but it does offer the most in the way of efficiency of acquiring points which can then be used for future purchases.  Using the card you’ll get 10x the points for each purchase on the PS Store, 3x the points at, restaurants, movie theatres and the like, and 1 point per dollar spent everywhere else.  If you’re on the Sony bandwagon and actually make Sony purchases regularly, then I give it a strong recommendation.

So what can you do with these points?  Is it really worth it to build up thousands of points just to earn a pair of flip flops?  Actually, Sony has delivered some top-notch items, and, while the highest rung may be a bit much in the cost-to-value ratio, their more affordable offerings can make this a very lucrative endeavor, indeed.  Most of their DVD/Blu-Ray selection ranges between 1,499 points up to 4,000, but some of the newest releases went as high as 10,000 points for a single DVD.  Music CDs occupy a similar price range.  The chief perk to me, here, being a gamer, was the price of PSN credit or new video games.  At about a penny a point, games cost the same as they would retail at the store:  5,999 points.  You can also purchase PSN credit at 1,000 points for $10, so those add-ons and DLC could be easily covered by these rewards.  Think of it this way, for every $60 game you buy you get 60 points which is 60 cents toward another PSN purchase.  If you’ve gone the route of the Playstation Card, that’s $6.00 towards your next PSN purchase, so the perks start to add up quickly if you go all the way.

Or you could always do it “my way,” which is to forget you linked your account and surprise yourself with one of the big electronics items (TVs/PCs/Camcorders anyone?) when you remember to check your points a few months down the road.

Tristan Hart

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