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Green Man Gaming has partnered with Sony US to bring digital content for the PlayStation 4 to their store according to a press release.

Digital versions of select PlayStation 4 titles are now available [affiliate link] on Green Man Gaming. 27 titles (including individual games as well as collections) are currently available. The storefront is only selling digital PlayStation 4 content for the US region at the moment. GMG plans to work with Sony to expand into other regions and offer more titles in the future.

The available titles include both new and old titles. Upcoming games such as Mafia III are available for pre-order now. Grand Tourismo Sport and The Last Guardian will be available in the store at a later date.

As for older titles, you can pick up classic games such as Journey or the Bioshock Collection. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (as well as the newer Uncharted 4) are both available for purchase. Other titles include the latest Ratchet & Clank game, The Last of Us: Remastered, Bloodborne, and more. All digital PlayStation 4 titles are currently discounted by 5%.

Although today’s announcement is focused on digital offerings for the PlayStation 4, Green Man Gaming has digital content for other platforms. A selection of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U titles [affiliate link] are also available under the “Consoles” category. A “Coming Soon” page for Xbox [affiliate link] indicates that GMG is likely in talks with Microsoft as well. If you’re interested in picking up a few games on the cheap, Green Man Gaming is also offering three games for $1/£1/€1 for people who vote in the Golden Joystick Awards [affiliate link].

Disclosure: Green Man Gaming supplies discount codes as a reward for membership on our site. TechRaptor also occasionally uses affiliate links from GMG.

What do you think of Green Man Gaming offering PlayStation 4 digital content on their store? Would you purchase a digital game at GMG as opposed to directly from Sony or another company’s storefront? What other companies do you hope to see come to the store? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Sweet.

  • FlamingoJet

    It doesn’t much matter to me.

    More money for GMG, more deals for me later.

    I only really care about things I can play on my PC.

  • Aiat

    US only :(. I hope they do it for EU soom!


    Oh That is what I feared. I hope they do it for EU too. Btw do you get PSN game codes with GMG like with Steam?

  • Yes. They have a video that shows how codes are redeemed. I didn’t include it in the article at the time as I didn’t feel it was super relevant and the store should have the information for you if you make a purchase. Here’s the video nonetheless:


    Thank you. I hope they add support for EU accounts. Please inform us when they do. Thanks.