Hot on the tail of Sonic Mania‘s release and its critical acclaimSonic Forces has quite a lot to live up to if it’s going to prove that the hedgehog belongs in a 3D world or not. Until that fateful day where you can fight alongside Sonic with your own customizable hero, you can prepare for its concrete release on Nov. 7 when it launches for the Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Forces GlamShot PS4

Here’s what the PS4 controller skin looks like, but you can get one for the Xbox One or Switch, too.

While digital pre-orders will be available at a later date, you can secure the physical Bonus Edition for the aforementioned platforms with the exclusion of PC. It will be selling for $39.99 USD / $54.99 CAD and comes not only with a controller skin, but also 13 items and accessories for five outfits total. You can mix and mash them to make your character look like someone from Persona 5NiGHTSJet Set Radio, and more. We live in strange times.

Do you think Sonic will stumble once again with this entry, or do you think the addition of different abilities with a custom character might prove interesting? Are you planning on picking up Sonic Forces? Spin dash to the comments section to let us know.

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