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Microsoft released this week that some of the main features that have been talked about on Xbox One will require an Xbox Live membership. Some of them are surprising, while many aren’t mainly because they are features that you would use online playing.

xbox one gold features - Some new features of Xbox One require an Xbox Live Subscription, and why that doesn't matter

As you can see the “not so surprising” features that will be included are multiplayer focused, where you need Xbox Live to make it happen anyway. The SmartMatch feature, where it makes it faster and easier to set up a match, is a given because you don’t need to match if you don’t have Live. The Game DVR, which allows you to record your wildest moments and your achievements with friends, should be a bonus for Live members. Why would you share with friends without having a way to rubbing it in their faces? And Skype, which will be taking over the VOIP chat client currently used on Xbox Live, is a slight shock, since it is free to use everywhere else. Another surprise is Xbox One’s main entertainment app, the OneGuide, which will give gamers a customized view of what’s on their TV and connect them with the Xbox Live Community. Another complaint is that all of the other apps, like Netflix and Hulu, you have to pay the subscription as well as the Live to use. The president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, was quick to jump on the hatewagon and tweet to make sure people knew that access to services like Netflix and their in-game DVR will not require the PlayStation Plus account.

With that being said, anyone who has owned an Xbox 360 is not all that surprised. We have been paying for these features since the creation, but in turn we also receive better matchmaking and more servers. This will also continue with the Xbox One. Sure your in-game DVR will work with the PS4, but it doesn’t say that you will be able to share it without one. Unless you’re in to recalling your greatest achievements to the people in the room, like the 40 year old reliving that touchdown pass while still wearing his letterman’s jacket, then it will be as useless to you as someone without the Live account. There is a little nerd-rage on the internet about this issue, because they are toting these features as ready to go, right out of the box. Yet even with the new Xbox One unboxing video, it has yet been denied or confirmed if the Xbox One will be carrying on the tradition of coming with a month of Xbox Live services for free. If it does, once they get a taste of those new features and how they will use it, they will shell out the $60-ish for Live. 

JR Moore

JR Moore is the Former Chief Editor at TechRaptor. When he's not living life, he's connected to an Xbox, a phone or tablet checking out the latest and greatest.

  • RadioActiveTwinky

    Good Article makes sense to us the “Gamer” Outside the box it makes no sense though.
    Think about it this way.
    When the average consumer goes out to buy a video game console they see it as a toy. Not as entertainment for the whole family.
    When they ask the clerks for the difference hopefully they know what they are and can name them.
    For example let say that the One does come with a 3 month free live.
    This means, the parent or person that sees consoles as just toys will not know about Amazon and live card deals(unless told by the clerk. That makes a whole different scenario then). They will just know that it costs 59.99. To the average consumer 59.99 is still a lot of money. Hence why you still hear and see complaints of why games are so expensive.
    The competition allows for all your apps to be free out of the gate. No need to buy another subscription for a subscription you are already paying for.
    There is a reason why Netflix is the most used app on PS3. It is not behind a paywall. Since its a well known fact that Netflix isnt behind a paywall at all the general public and people that see them as toys will except one product over the other just based on that fact.

    Try explaining this to your average consumer.
    You have to pay a yearly subscription to be able to use your monthly subscription. On a 500 dollar video game console. You can also watch tv on it for free.

    Which is why I said this makes sense to us. The video game aficionado.

  • $25716550

    how is shuhei’s comment about the ps4 not requiring a subscription for many features considered “hate speech”? Only in the fanboy logic can any and all valid criticism be called that, both boxes have strengths as well as weaknesses, everyone would be well served to keep that in mind….you can be a microsoft fan and still admit when some features are flawed, it’s ok…This was a flaw in the last gen for the 360 and it’s ridiculous that it hasn’t been fixed for this one….your “better matchmaking and more servers” still doesn’t regard the fact that Microsoft are the same greedy company they’ve always been, and charging people to access what they can get for free otherwise w/ no worthwhile improvements to said services is just wrong, any way you try to slice it….Hopefully they will continue their streak of flip flopping and change this….I personally don’t play multiplayer, i’ve never found it much more than a distraction, i game for unique singleplayer or local multiplayer experiences, and i also use my console for media streaming, so i’m a consumer that can’t even really consider the xbox one at this point, even if it had games that were geared towards the single player other than ryse, which looks more qte heavy than any god of war game has ever been, and dead rising 3 which will probably see release on the ps4 eventually anyway.

  • abberjam

    Void arguments in this article. Sony offers all the Apps for free, DVR/Streaming/Uploading IS confirmed free, PS4 has a strong Free-to-Play line-up at launch and many more to come which gives plenty of use for the DVR and bragging rights without subscription, not to mention Single player Lets-plays/walkthroughs. Sony also offer 15 minutes of constant record for free as opposed to Microsofts 5 minutes DVR behind a $60 paywall. There is also a strong rumour now that PS4 also offers a manual record option with “virtually unlimited” record time (in other words as much as you can fit on ur HDD) and the files will be exportable to non-native editing software.

    Straight out of the box, PS4 will offer DVD, Single Player, Free online Multiplayer games, Free gameplay recording & streaming and Free access to all of your third party media services for $399

    Out of the box, XBone will offer DVD and Single Player for $499

    So you tell me, who’s the chump, champ?

  • The fact that I am looking at getting a PS4 for single player experiences, makes this a little crazy to be honest.

    PS4 is way better for people who want single player only.

  • PS4 charges for multiplayer too dude

    the rest you said is true though

  • abberjam

    Planetside 2, Warframe, Blacklight:Retribution, & DC:UO are all “Free Online Multiplayer games” – In reference to the previously mentioned F2P.

  • Ah, right

    You still need playstation plus to play those

  • abberjam

    No, you don’t. It’s publishers choice, but those 4 don’t require PS+

    Take your pick:
    Polygon explicitly mentions all four:

  • I was under the impression that multiplayer requires play station plus, period.

    So it can be optional? Interesting

  • abberjam

    It’s optional for makers of Free-To-Play games, so far they’ve all opted for free online play. So plenty of COMPLETELY free multiplayer to chew on launch day. Unlike you-know-who.