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From Software director and Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki, has announced that they’re currently working three new projects.

In a recent interview from 4gamer (translations thanks to NeoGAF and twitter user xenosaga), the first project will be an action role-playing game, with a dark fantasy setting similar to Dark Souls. The second project will be a reboot/new idea from a previous franchise, with the third said to be “something new”.

In accordance to further translations from twitter user BlackKite, one of the projects (possibly referring to the second) is said to be a new Armored Core game. In one particular paragraph translated, Miyazaki said the following;

Sorry to fans who’ve been waiting for new Armored Core. Its concept is still charming even now.

I think Armored Core can re-sublimate with another interesting valuable game. And many of our staffs want to make new AC

Personally AC was also what started my career so I have fondness of it. We don’t have an option to not make a new [Armored Core] game. ” – Hidetaka Miyazaki, 4gamer interview

The last sentence sounds a little weird, but the literal translation is “We don’t have an option to not make a new [Armored Core] game“. Odd way of announcing a new title, but either way, this still means that we’ll possibly be getting a new Armored Core.

4gamer article

Sourced from 4Gamer

This isn’t the first time that Miyazaki has spoken about his new projects. Back in April Miyazaki was asked by GNN Gamer about a new IP, and confirmed that this was something in development.

In addition to this, Miyazaki said that From Software does not plan on developing sequels to their Souls series games anytime soon. This includes sequels to Bloodborne and Demon Souls titles, spin-offs, remakes and tie-ins too. However, two expansions are still slated for Dark Souls III.

What are your thoughts on these new projects? Are you excited for a new Armored Core game? What are your thoughts on this new Action RPG? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Do it. I’d love to see a new Armored Core.

  • Dr.Weird

    same here man

  • BurntToShreds

    I’d love for them to talk to Sega about making a Chromehounds 2.

  • airco

    Can you get someone to re-check that translation? I’m pretty sure he’s just saying that From Software has a lot of staff that would like to see a new AC, meaning that they “can’t say it can’t be done.”

  • oldirtybaron

    aaaaaaand I’m out.

    It’s been real, FromSoft. Hopefully we’ll talk again in a few years once you’ve gotten that new IP all shined up and ready for purchase. Until then, though, it’s been nice knowing you.

  • giygas

    I hope they don’t make it a multiplayer-focused microtransaction game again.

  • SOMEGUY7893 .

    Make one yourself.

  • Jesus Zamora

    Hell yeah Armored Core!

    I’m hoping that fantasy action-RPG is a new King’s Field. I LOVED those games back in the day! Dark and atmospheric, but playable for normal people.

  • Eyoldaith

    I’d love one that is a bit like AC4/A, that would be amazing…

  • Silhouette

    Personally, I’d rather have a new Chromehounds, but I’m cool with new Armored Core stuff, too. =)

  • Psichaos

    Truly what we need is a remaster of Metal Wolf Chaos, with 100% more Americana.

  • Big Boss 2.8

    “An action role-playing game, with a dark fantasy setting similar to Dark Souls”

    Really From? You want my money that badly? Ok. Take it. Take all of it! Just give me whatever that is NOW!!! I ALREADY FINNISHED DARK SOULS 3 NG++ AND GOT THE PLATINUM TROPHY AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY LIFE!!!!!!!!

    I need help…

  • Giordan

    Since when did Dark Souls/Demon’s Souls/Bloodborne have microtransactions?

  • Giordan

    What’s wrong with going back to other IPs?

  • giygas

    Armored Core: Verdict Day

  • oldirtybaron

    Nothing wrong with it. I just have less than zero interest in mechs games like Armoured Core. I’ve never liked the mech genre, so to me it’s disappointing that they’d return to that series instead of doing something new.