Let’s face it, everybody wants to rule the world. Tears for Fears couldn’t have stated this any better for us in their song, and now the intricacies of the human condition has never been more exposed. Alderac Entertainment Group’s game, Smash Up, brings this fantasy to the forefront without getting any authorities involved. In Smash Up, you pick two decks of cards; each of these representing a group from pirates to dinosaurs (with lasers), zombies to wizards, and aliens to bear cavalry, and proceed to combine them (or smash them, if you will) together to make your play deck. From there you take your dynamic pairing (my personal favorite from play being wizards and dinosaurs) and try to score different objectives and stopping your opponents from doing so as well. The winner of this shufflebuilding extravagazna takes Earth! Well, at least in this card game.


Now you are thinking, “But alluring internet writer, why are you just now talking about this, I think you’re a few years too late”. Yes, that would be true if that was what the purpose of this article was. No you perceptive fool; I’m here to talk about the expansion! The new one, the aptly named Science Fiction Double Feature!

 New Smash Up Expansion!

Well like it’s predecessors (Awesome Level 9000 and The Obligatory Cthulhu Set) it can be played as it’s own standalone game. In that same vein, this expansion can be played with the core game and all expansions giving you a total of twenty different choices and making a ten-player game possible! The new factions are just as awesome as the previous installments, presenting you the option for: super spies, cyborg apes, shapeshifters and time travelers. Picture the following scene if you dare: cyborg apes and dinosaurs (with lasers) can team together to bring down the reign of man only to have a seemingly hopeless coalition of wizards and time travelers stop them in the nick of time! I’m probably most excited for the time travelers as they work under a figure known as “Doctor When” and are there to fix the (no doubt ruined) timestream. This is an impressive task when you have cyborg apes fighting against ninjas and other such anomalies running amok!

Last year at GenCon, The Obligatory Cthulhu Set was released. That makes sense, as gaming companies always like having something sweet to drop at GenCon. However, Alderac has decided that Christmas (or GenCon I guess) comes early to us, the fans and gaming community! This expansion to Smash Up is set to release on March 17, which is coincidentally the day you should head down to your local game store and pick it up!