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With Skyrim Special Edition finally hitting release, the future prospect of a reinvigorated modding scene for Skyrim is a pleasant one indeed. However, one of Skyrim‘s most notorious eyesores may prove to be a common sight for the foreseeable future, as the mod author of SkyUI says there will be no port for Skyrim Special Edition.


One major issue Skyrim faced very early on for PC players was the somewhat clunky and awkwardly big UI, with wasted space being the most common eyesore. Not long after release, SkyUI was the mod to have in order to make the Skyrim User Interface both more bearable and functional for PC players, featuring countless improvements that streamlined gameplay.


However, as Skyrim Special Edition released, the developer behind SkyUI made clear there is no interest in porting it to the new 64-bit version of Skyrim. This makes painfully clear that Bethesda hadn’t even considered improving Skyrim‘s UI for the new release and we may be out of a direct solution for it.


Schlangster, the mod author behind SkyUI, has made clear that the SkyUI team is no longer active and has no further interest in putting in any more work. However, he does make clear that if someone else took up the mantle and took care of all the details, he’d be willing to list the update for them.


With the lack of SkyUI also comes another problem: the lack of a unified Mod Configuration Menu. The MCM portion of SkyUI provided a simple method for any mod creator to set up a menu where users could configure the mod they had just installed, providing an essential backbone. Without it, many mods will need to find an alternative to provide a settings menu for their users, possibly resulting in lots of clunky menus and less memory-efficient mods.


All in all, this setback may strike as a heavy blow for the Skyrim modding scene. Sadly, abuse is not unfamiliar to them. Five years is a long period for a modding scene to slowly decay, as expected. Add to that the infamous Paid Mods debacle that still sits uneasy with many, something SkyUI played a role in when they initially announced they intended to sell an upgraded and updated version while maintaining an evergreen free version. The entire event eventually led to a lot of grief and distrust for mod authors.

Finally, a more recent problem is the rampant mod piracy happening with Fallout 4 that no doubt Skyrim will have to deal with (again). Mods being downloaded from websites such as Nexusmods and being reuploaded to with little to no intent to support or maintain it, or even make sure it functions properly. Not to mention that Fallout 4‘s own modding scene has certainly drawn away attention from Skyrim‘s.

With all these issues, it may seem prudent to doubt whether many big mod developers will find it worthwhile to tackle Skyrim Special Edition.

Quick Take

Calling SkyUI a staple and a requirement for the average Skyrim modder is nothing short of an understatement. But Bethesda seems hellbent to make as much money out of Skyrim with as little effort as possible. Truth is, had Bethesda even bothered to tackle the outdated UI, it would have been a harder case to make. Add to it that only a few years ago Bethesda and Valve were ready to throw modders under the bus with the Paid Mods debacle, I find myself asking for how much longer they can get away with things like these.

Himpe Kenny

Staff Writer

Writer in Mind, Gamer at Heart, I finish as many games as I can to give my impression in a useful way. A heart for moddable games and addicting mechanics so you'll spot me playing those a lot.

  • Zanard Bell

    That really sucks, and I guess I’ll be content to playing the old Skyrim until this can be remedied in the near future. Here I was thinking Skyrim modding for 64 bit would be easier but I guess it isn’t.

  • JuicyHopFrog

    Eh, there will be nude mods in less than a month. That aside, i wouldnt be surprised to see some decent mods next year

  • Riosine

    Its very unlikely All these skse extender dependant mods get updated/ported. So an automated updater xEdit script would be very helpful, probably the merge plugin tool could be updated to do this

  • ParasiteX

    Oh great… not again… Similar happened with DEF_UI for FO4 when Nuka World released and the main author stopped working on it.. I ended up having to do a crash course in flash editing to try and figure out how to get that working.. Which i thankfully managed to do.

    Really hope someone else steps in to update SkyUI.. as i am not looking forward to having to figure that out as well… -_-

    But i’m still busy playing FO4. So will be a while before i get into Skyrim modding again.

  • FlamingoJet

    Well that fucking sucks.

  • BearGlitch

    Well I might as well not even play

  • champion9124

    I would help out if I knew how to actually do that kind of stuff :/
    I can’t blame the mod author for not wanting to update skyui

  • Stylµs

    Less than a month? Try immediately. There was one ready as soon as the S:SE nexus site was up.

  • webkilla

    I’m assuming that the current version of skyUI will still work – right? For PC at least, right?

  • coboney

    Not with the Special Edition because its a 64bit program and also it uses a different archive file format.

  • webkilla


  • ParasiteX

    Yeah, I don’t blame the author. Just sucks when it happens. But most modders do get burnt out eventually working on their mods

  • Антон Цибулевський

    “Add to it that only a few years ago Bethesda and Valve were ready to throw modders under the bus with the Paid Mods debacle, I find myself asking for how much longer they can get away with things like these.”
    Absolutely correct words sir.

  • mike alexander

    It’s already been ported, unofficially at least.

  • webkilla

    feels godo man

  • Jackal


  • Strogg

    I’m gonna stick with Vanilla Skyrim then if there’s no SkyUI. The Original UI for Skyrim SUCKS for PC players. SkyUI makes this game SO much better and is the only mod I really ever cared for!

  • goodguya

    I don’t see what the big deal is. The SKSE team’s still going to have something and someone is going to make something like SkyUI because it’s already been out there. What does it matter that it’s not the original creator? Bethesda hasn’t blocked mod support entirely or anything, they just changed some code bases.

  • lucben999

    I had forgotten what the vanilla UI is like.

    God it’s horrendous, what vile monster designed such a thing?

  • Michael Labrie Gamache

    you can already just take the damn unp texture…. and use it in skyrim SE

  • Michael Labrie Gamache

    please link :O

  • Maximilien Lo Giudice

    Plz Link

  • OldBoris

    The modding itself isn’t any easier, as the 64 bit thing only makes the game much more stable.

    And to make matters worse, a lot of stuff needs to be rewritten, and most major mod authors have long left the Skyrim modding community. The SkyUI team is hardly the only one that’s no longer willing to do any work.

  • Rammer Jammer

    Someone please take it over! Pretty Pleeeaasseee!

  • Rammer Jammer

    Source or you’re lying.

  • Kattmandu

    When I manually edit my prefs ini file to be 3440×1440, I don’t see the bottom part of the crafting menu. I was really looking forward to SkyUI.

  • Alex Barbu

    And this is why I have no intention of playing Skyrim SE. As I see it, the original Skyrim is the full functioning game, while the updated one is a wreck.

  • Lalune

    While it does suck, considering the still large modding community Skyrim has, you can assume someone will either take up the work to update Skyui or someone will make something new which may possibly be better. As time goes on, changes happen. Eventually, what once was in every mod list will be replaced by something else. I don’t worry too much about these sorts of things. Tell me, have modders ever actually let us down? No. Mods continue to make the same game new, and nothing can change that.

  • Lalune

    Skyrim SE already runs better for decent PCs. Yes, the mods may not completely catch up immediately, but it has literally only been a day and already a large portion of the mods that don’t completely overhaul the game have been shown to work fine with little to no conversion needed. The fact that it’s actually worth having a Quad core processor now instead of a single or Dual with higher clock speeds means the remastered game, once the kinks are fixed, will easily outperform the old one.

  • Borg Stoneson

    How to get basic SkyUI working on Skyrim SE

    Lacks the MCM but has better inventory/magic/container UI

  • Chaotic Entropy

    Annnd that’s killed Skyrim SE for me. I won’t be playing this much.

    That and Bethesda’s continued ignoring of all the bugs presented to them by the unofficial patch series. A golden opportunity wasted to fix this already pointed out and already repaired bugs in your product. I guess it’s fine to expect all users to download third party content to make your game work correctly.

    Bethesda continue to waste and poorly execute their IPs.

  • Chaotic Entropy

    Well, the change from 32 to 64 requires a substantial rework of SKSE, as confirmed by the author.

  • Andreus

    Guess I’m never playing Skyrim special edition, then.

  • WallyWallyWoxenFree

    The “Special Edition” seems to be anything but.

    I don’t see a reason to purchase this except to say that you have a complete Skyrim collection, and even then I would wait for a price drop.

  • baconauts

    I’ve already seen someone making a basic port of SkyUI on the Nexus. 😛 I’m sure when SKSE is up and running, someone, or multiple someones, will take over on it.

  • baconauts

    The load times are super good though, and the saves are instant, When modders come back on the scene they will have a lot more potential. I’ve actually been enjoying it myself, and using some of the other more essential mods such as Live Another Life. I’m seeing more and more pop up each day.

    Ya’ll need to stop being so impatient, lol.

  • baconauts

    People are QQ’ing so much, it’s amazing. o_o The speed of the load times on this game is awesome! One of the biggest draw backs for the original game was how long it would load, even on an SSD!! Now it loads in less than a second, sometimes less than /half/ a second.

    Everyone here complaining and saying “wehhh I don’t think I’ll touch this game now Q.Q” are just whining into the void. Developers can’t do anything about the modding community, and modders don’t get payed anything for their work; it’s just a hobby.

  • baconauts

    This. ^ IMHO I think this will breathe in new life to the modding community. It is sad to hear that SKSE will take some time to be converted, but I think it will be worth the wait. Until then I’ll be messing around on my new khajiit, using light mods and enjoying the quick loads. Like seriously, haha.

  • baconauts

    It was actually available on the Nexus, but it was very basic with no “favorites” menu. It looks like it’s been taken down ATM. Maybe it was ported without permission? But I did see it two days ago.

  • Got lucky and downloaded the SkyUI 2.2 port before Nexus removed it. It’s not perfect by any means, but is better than vanilla menus.

  • Desjay Desjay

    What really sucks is that many mods are DEPENDENT on SkyUI because their mod settings were implemented in MCM, which requires SkyUI, so, if they don’t update SkyUI, they are preventing a lot of mods from being brought to Skyrim SE.

  • Kevin Erkelenz

    A team told to focus on controller usability with mouse/keyboard as an absolute afterthought, or no thought at all? I’m surprised the menu items are even clickable with the mouse.

  • Kevin Erkelenz

    Well with simple reskins like that, there’s not much work involved when it comes to “porting” it over.

  • Kevin Erkelenz

    If that person requires donations or has a Patreon when the time comes, sing me up.

  • Kevin Erkelenz

    This also sadly means that most mods using SKSE will have to be altered, some more than others of course. In the case of SkyUI it seems to be somewhat of a major undertaking, but certainly not impossible by any means.

  • Kevin Erkelenz

    Not entirely. Mods like Frostfall existed before the integration with SkyUI, they used the book technique. That is still possible, and that’s exactly what a lot of mods are falling back on, but it’s very clunky and not as memory efficient from what I’ve been able to gather.

  • Kevin Erkelenz

    It’s a free upgrade, unless you’re a console player.

  • Jinx 01

    ^ this. And of course Bethesda didn’t improve the PC port this time around because they’re fine with exploiting our mods to sell the game but goodness forbid they get off their asses and give us a decent UI or FOV slider.

  • Garrow the Khajiit

    Well, back to original Skyrim I go. The default UI is an absolute trainwreck and I refuse to tolerate it.

  • Steve Davis

    can i get this download from u

  • Steve Davis

    this is kinda selfish

  • Vorteilspack

    Honestly I expect many more must-have mods I used in Skyrim to not get ported over to SE.

    If I get the urge to play Skyrim I probably play the regular legendary Edition again.

  • Vorteilspack

    I think it’s fake. It’s very unlikely that there exists a port. Don’t trust DrkFngThDragnLrd. The SkyUI author said he would allow it if someone else does the job. Because of what reason would Nexusmods remove the mod than?

  • Vorteilspack

    Honestly you don’t miss out. Sure some lightning updates aren’t that bad. But my Skyrim 2011 looked like the SE version we have now. My Skyrim 2014 version looked like 10 times better than the SE release. I wonder how it would look if I’d start to mod it at the end of 2016. I might give it a try since we can wait many weeks to get SKSE ported and than additional weeks to get the mods we need, with a high chance that must-have mods will never be ported.

  • kriegalex

    The more popular mods will certainly need some fresh new motivated people to be ported for SSE. So the best to do probably is to start looking at how to do mods, especially if you know how to program and ask to the old creator if he needs help or want to share what he has done if he doesn’t want to continue.

  • Krud

    I hope someone ports SkyUI in its entirety eventually, because the absence of MCM is a greater blow in my opinion than the rest of the Sky UI interface in general. The layer of dependency of SKSE—>SkyUI–>MCM–>[countless mods] is daunting, and will likely prevent a lot of people from trying to port their mods on the far end of that spectrum.

  • It’s real… I’ll post a video later today. As I said, someone ported it on the nexus and Nexus took it down as they were not the author of the mod. Here’s the link to my Onedrive:!AncmXpSqOnHdmeJsZbBhxCRSs5JixQ

  • It’s real, Nexus removes Mods uploaded without the original Mod Author’s permission. SkyUI was uploaded and removed twice. I tried posting a link, but the mods of the comment section keep deleting it.

  • P.S. I’m the author of the Anodized Black steel Combat Armor/X01 Power Armor/Pipboy for FO4 as well as the Helmet Style HUD for the power armors. I also helped the author of Power Armor Hud – No transparency get certain features of his mod working and helped with the development of the 21:9 Widescreen Rainbox Fix.

  • Zennethe

    SkyUI 2.2 is functioning on SSE. “Sorta.” The features that needed keyboard input like searching is broken. A SKSE error is always shown on the menus SkyUI replace. You have to install it manually too which for some is a pain.

  • Zennethe

    Hm… alas people have lives and live them while others wish for a mod to be ported ASAP. I’ve experienced a lot of this in the modding community over the years. People just are ruthless when it comes to begging for updates or new features.

  • Zennethe

  • And here is a video of it working and demonstrating the bug it has. Hopefully the comments mods don’t delete this one…

  • Zcythe

    You see though, the 64-bit structure this game give us, allows for even better mods, and also allows for even more mods to be loaded with very stable gameplay, I.E. less crashes, freezing, ect. Edit: The game is also optimized better.

  • Well, the mods here don’t like links for what ever reason. I uploaded a video to Youtube. tried linking the file and video, everytime i post a link, they fail to approve it. Just search Youtube for the video.

  • Operation Plumbbob

    Same here and agreed! And more: Why didn’t Bethesda change it when they remastered the game? I know they only said they were cleaning up the graphics but… that’s a graphic user interface. It counts! Man. If they weren’t going to fix things like that, I wish they’d found a way to just make it look better while allowing the old mods to continue working. If we could do it with 3rd party mods, why couldn’t they?

  • Operation Plumbbob

    I knew when they announced this that if I was going to play it, it would be a change. I have a very heavily modded game so I figured I would have to start over with a new game at the least. But I kinda assumed that the cleanup Bethesda was doing would only affect the graphics. As in: I would skip installing Pure Waters, SLOD, SMIM, SweetFX, etc. I thought there was a chance that not having all those mods would affect some of the others I’ve installed (Better Docks, mods that affect frequency of storms and fog…) and I’d have to make sacrifices I didn’t want to but…

    Well. I just figured it was a cosmetic change. Yanno. Like the graphics mods I have do. I wasn’t expecting to have to revert to a vanilla UI or have to deal with all those nasty little game-murdering bugs the mods have fixed. Most of the creators of the mods I like best have long since retired. Some are dead. There will be no converting the game I love.

    I may install this on my TV computer for the kids to play but I won’t be playing it anytime soon. I do appreciate that Bethesda’s offered it to me for free though. It is nice to have the choice. Thanks! But no thanks.

  • il Duderoni

    IF you own all the DLC prior to an unspecified date. Might be too late already if you had everything but Hearthstone because… let’s be honest, Hearthstone pales compared to the other two DLC.

  • Seweryn Marcinowski

    A big portion of 2011 skyrim mods work like a charm with SE, when SKSE64 will be released almost everything should work, and even if the original authors dont want to work with it anymore, there are some other modders that can make thirdparty compatibility patches, so i dont understand everyones butthurt.

  • Dex4Sure

    CDProjektRED > Bethesda. Mods were the thing that made Skyrim so great. And I found it nice that in Witcher 3, they actually used some armor made by modders in Blood and Wine dlc… Something Bethesda would never do.

  • cafitz ayyy do more research

  • Interesting. I do not know who Gopher is, as far as I know that is not someone associated with SkyUI. The article sources the mod creator, so I’m not sure what it is you’re getting at.

    if you could provide the link to where that is from, we’ll certainly look into it.

  • Alexander Milner

    I know Witcher and Skyrim are both fantasy RPGs but they’re not really comparable apart from being open-world. That’s like saying Wrigley’s > Nabisco

  • Delphinou

    This SE is only good to consoles, especially xbox one, on PS4 it isn’t all that interesting since no custom assets to be allowed and on PC it’s technically useless and not worth the effort to remake the whole mods just because it’s on a 64 bit engine.

  • You have no clue what you’re talking about. The 64-bit engine on PC fixes the memory bug the old 32 bit Skyrim had causing it to crash to desktop it memory usage went above 256MB. Sure, there was a workaround, but it was a bandaid and still had limitations. Install a ton of mods and Skyrim would still crash like clockwork. The Special edition. I’ve only had crash a couple times due to mod errors. I updated the mods in question or removed them and the game works flawlessly. Add to the fact that Alt-Tab actually works and it’s win win.

  • Delphinou

    A win win if you got it for free, but for me I ain’t paying 60€ for another skyrim on the same cursed outdated engine that is creation engine, what’s the point of an upgraded engine without mods? no skyui means no mcm and possibly no skse as well, and I’m pretty sure modders won’t bother at this point anymore, also I got over 380 active mod and I play skyrim perfectly fine that rarely crashes and occasional bloats.

  • I got SkyUI (See my video below), granted no SKSE yet but they said SKSE64 is coming. I have tons of mods installed already and many more are just waiting for the creation kit to be released so they can port their mods. I guess you haven’t been reading the Nexus much. Besides, what’s the point of mods if the 32 bit engine crashes everytime it goes over 256MB usage, which doesn’t take much, even with the SKSE band-aid patch. I stopped playing the game because of it. Now i can finally play it with some stability. The game also looks 100 times better with a high res texture patch and the mesh mods. Why you didnt get it for free on PC is beyond me. All you needed was to own the game and all DLC unless your a console player, but than you don’t have mods with regular Skyrim.

    P.S> Its not the same out dated engine, it’s the newer FO4 engine, aka 64 bit….

  • Fil

    If he isn’t interested in updating it, he should at the very least hand the code over to coders who actually want to port it!

  • Opium

    just a little note my friend, g2a or even steam, if you were smart you would’ve bought the game for literally $13 (cad, so in euros that’s 8 dollars) for the game and got it for free, it was a free upgrade if you had legendary edition, wasted time

  • Neite

    No SkyUI is a definite deal-breaker for the special edition.

  • machin bidule

    The menu items weren’t even clickable in the first version of skyrim, we had to wait two update to have a functional UI.

  • greyfrost21

    wait how do you not know gopher hes one of the biggest faces in the bethesda modding comunity

  • DaedricRob

    So be it then. No SkyUI makes SE quite LITERALLY unplayable.

  • xEpimetheusx

    regardless of what people say, it’s an improvement, system and graphical wise.

  • AlexVoid

    thnx ^^

  • Miguel Batista

    ya know still now foot steps in the snow, well i mean i guess its ok. its not an immersive game or anything, also the rocks on the ground i mean com’on i needed a mod for that. in 2011 and even still now in 2016 i have never play a game i felt needed to be modded so much to be/or feel immersive or even feel like it should of been when it came out. now that skyrim:SE is out thats like 5-10 mods less i need to get. also the SKYUI omg i was looking for that so long then found this page man if i could code i would do it.

  • Pui Ho Lam

    Because first it involves porting all the function hooks for the scaleform engine. I doubt the structures for game data has changed much so for the flash part, they shouldn’t need to update it.

  • Delphinou

    He wants someone to make it from scratch and then request to label it as SkyUI in his name and he uploads it and takes all the credits to himself lol.

  • willky flame

    so wait until someone does it for the mbefore getting special edition

  • Charlie

    I prefer to use a gamepad for skyrim, (I like to play it on my couch) and even with a gamepad vanilla sucks, being designed for a gamepad has nothing to do with it, sky UI works great with a 360 controller. It isn’t just that it was designed for a controller, it is just poorly designed. Frankly, I don’t know why they couldn’t have just lifted the sky ui interface and thrown it into the game, they didn’t even need to really do anything. But this is nothing new, even morrowind, and oblivion had ui problems. Unfortunately, my Morrowind experience was on an xbox, so I just had to deal.

  • Kugane
  • Kugane
  • Before commenting about something being fake, maybe you should of checked the video proof below that I posted. As for your link spam, there’s already someone who uploaded a modified version with those items fixed on Youtube.

  • Roy Parrish

    I agree playing on a couch or bed is much better than being hunched over a M&K for hours on end with a couch/bed option open, also if Bethesda added skyUI then they’d have to pay the mod author as his mod just became apart of the game itself outside of a mod, and I doubt they are willing to open their precious pocket books to pay a “nobody” (their words) it is a shame that TESVSSE will not be getting the proper attention it deserves as modders do not feel like transfering or reuploading or updating their mods as games are no longer open to them with careers and life getting in the way.

    I play with my xbox1 controller on PC and still prefer skyUI over vanilla cuz vanilla is a nasty flavor and is just down right plain and boring.

  • Theorchero