The popular user-interface fix for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, SkyUI, is finally available for use in Skyrim: Special Edition.

When it comes to PC gaming, especially in regards to Bethesda, gamers tend to fix bugs and issues themselves rather than wait for an official developer patch. When The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim officially launched back in 2011, the PC version was shamed for having a console-focused user interface.

SkyUI Skyrim Special Edition

The mod makes some great changes to the UI, no doubt. Source: Nexus Mods

A group of modders then released SkyUI, a mod that cleans up the UI and takes advantage of the mouse and keyboard. While immensely praised, the group stated they have no interest in porting the mod over to 2016’s 64-bit Skyrim: Special Edition.

Despite this, a listing went up on Nexus Mods featuring an alpha version of SkyUI for the 64-bit game. According to the mod developer, “schlangster,” this version of SkyUI is feature-complete. The alpha state is due to Skyrim Script Extender 64, which is used by Skyrim modders for more complex mods. SKSE64 is in an alpha state as well.

Screen Shot 2017 10 02 at 10.46.48 AM

The mod has 8,172 (and counting) unique downloads in less than 24 hours. Source: Nexus Mods

His details on the nexus post:

What does “unsupported alpha version” actually mean?

* SkyUI requires SKSE64, which is currently still in alpha, so SkyUI simply inherits that state.

* It is a feature-complete release. All features of the non-SE version should be working.

* There are no installation instructions yet. If you need help settings things up, you should wait for a stable release.

* Only short-term testing was done, so there might still be undiscovered bugs. Please report any issues you find.

* Updates might not be backward compatible. If everything goes well, they will. But if not, be prepared to go back to an earlier save.

It’s unfortunate we can’t count on Bethesda to fix the UI issues plaguing Skyrim’s PC port since launch. Console gamers are alright. The interface works with a controller in mind. Thanks to the modding community, PC gamers can rejoice over the ported fix.

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