The Sims 4 is teaming up with the It Gets Better Project to introduce LGBTQ content into the game, titled It Gets Better Pride content.

At the EA Play showcase, a short video package presented by popular YouTuber Joey Graceffa who introduced the content.

Though no gameplay was shown of the pride content, Graceffa noted that the partnership with the It Gets Better project is designed specifically for those who wish to add some LGBTQ content to their game. Along with It Gets Better and pride-specific clothing, another item revealed for sure is a gender-neutral bathroom door, in reference to the issues regarding transgendered rights in the United States.

The It Gets Better Project was founded by LGBTQ activists and writer Dan Savage and his husband, Terry Miller in 2010. The goal for the project was to originally counteract the high bullying rates that many LGBTQ youth received, which have lead to high suicide rates for the LGBTQ community over the years. Today, the It Gets Better Project uses video and media to reach out to LGBTQ youth to show them positive portayals of the LGBTQ community, along with advocating against intolerance to gay youth.

The addition of the It Gets Better Pride content is a personal one for many on the Sims 4 staff. Senior producer Michael Duke noted on stage that members of The Sims team hear stories about players experiences through tough times in their own lives, including coming to grips with their own identities. The partnership with the It Gets Better project will hopefully continue that legacy for their community.

The It Gets Better Pride content will begin releasing starting June 18th with the pride content will be coming to The Sims 4, and later will be released for the The Sims Mobile and The Sims 4 Freeplay versions of the game.

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