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When The Sims 4 released in September, there were a few things missing from the game that fans of the series had grown to love. While there had been some improvements to the performance and look to the game, some fans were displeased with the lack of things that they had grown to love in The Sims 3. Fans of the series should rejoice however, a free update that was released today has addressed one of these issues in particular for owners of The Sims 4. As part of this free update, Sims 4 players will now be able to construct and use swimming pools. This was first announced by executive producer Shannon Copur, who expressed her excitement for pools, and stated that swimming pools will benefit from the game’s build mode, which not only allows players to build houses, but is now being expanded for Pool Building. The great technology that enabled players to build houses, is now being extended to pools, making pool-building faster and easier than ever before. Players also have some new pool options that have never been an option before, such as building pools diagonally, on the roof or second floor of a home, as well as creating “exotic” pools with things like windows inside to give them an aquarium-esque experience. The mood of a sim also impacts their actions in the pool, for instance an angry sim might intentionally splash others in order to get them wet. In addition to pools, players will be getting new swimwear options, as well as bug-fixes that will improve the overall performance of the game itself.

Caution should be exercised however, because there is a new death-type in The Sims 4. Sims who stay in the water too long while tired or hungry may experience death by drowning, and risk The Grim Reaper coming to take the waterlogged victim to the afterlife. If a sim dies by drowning their ghost will fear water, so good luck getting your drowning victim to enjoy the pool with his other ghostly buddies.

There are even more juicy additions to this update, so check out the announcement on The Sims 4 Official Site, as well as the Patch Notes, then take a look at the introduction to pools video so you can see firsthand just how amazing this update is for fans of The Sims 4.

Alexx Aplin

I am a life long gamer with a love for writing and journalism. If i'm not writing articles for Tech Raptor I'm playing RPG's or Puzzle games, as well as watching livestreams. I am very passionate about equality in all things and I believe that gaming is becoming a wonderful art form to speak on various social commentary issues.

  • Rogar the Greater

    I guess they figured they couldn’t get away with charging people for it.

    Pieces of shit.

  • Daniel Pina

    They listened to customers and corrected what was perceived as a wrongdoing.
    That deserves praise, not insult.

    It’s important to voice our opinions when we (the customer) think something is wrong. But if we ever want to be seen as deserving customers instead of “basement-dwelling-entitled-trolls”, we have to give credit where it’s due.

  • Noctah

    The pools were at the center of the outcry ( as with toddlers ), so it’s obvious why these two would obviously be “free”, and marketed as “gifts”, with the subhead “Here at EA, we listen to our consumers !”.

    I’m pretty sure the rest of the missing content they’re going to reimplement isn’t going to be free. Far from it.

  • Daniel Pina

    But they did listen to consumers and they did change the game accordingly, for free.

    You can complain how it came “late” or how it doesn’t change your opinion on the game or the company, but calling them “pieces of shit” after they changed the game in order to please the crowds is just wrong.

    As for the rest of the “missing content”, you’ll have the legitimacy to complain if/when they charge for toddlers&etc. Until then, you’re just making assumptions.

  • Noctah

    I do agree that insulting them after they offer a free update seems unreasonable, but most of us are bitter from their repeated misbehaviour towards their consumers. If someone felt like EA was treating him like shit, I can’t say I blame him for insulting them back.

    We can guess that this “free update” is more about marketing and improving their image then about caring for the consumers, if we apply the logic behind their past decisions to the current ones.

    If, by any miracle, the intention behind today’s action is actually to please the consumer, that’s great. But it takes more than one or two small apologies to make us forgive them.

    Though, if they keep up this kind of behaviour, they would earn some of my respect back without any issue. Everyone has the right to second chances.

  • Rogar the Greater

    I’m glad you have so much trust in EA. They must really appreciate you being here to defend them from evil little me.

  • Daniel Pina

    I’m not defending EA, A multi-billion dollar company doesn’t need protection from you, just as you stated.

    I’m trying to give you reasonable advice about how going into insult domain serves little more than make your voice smaller and weaker, as a consumer. Even more in this specific case where EA is actually bending to the consumers.

  • Rogar the Greater

    Explain to me how EA adding pools in a free update (after they were included in the three previous games from the beginning) is considered “bending” to the customers. Why would they take them out, only to decide to put them back in for free a few weeks later? What’s the point of that?

  • Daniel Pina

    EA tried to cash in the pools, yes. I have no doubt about that and I didn’t believe for a second that it had something to do with “software architecture”. That excuse was poor as poop.

    Then customers complained -> EA/Maxis gives the pools for free.
    It’s not that you can’t complain about EA. It’s just that (IMHO) it’s poor judgment to insult the publisher in a moment when they bent to the customers’ will.

  • Rogar the Greater

    Considering EA’s past history, and as long as bros like CD Project RED exist (, EA isn’t going to get a free pass for doing one “good” thing out of the countless other bad.