Welcome to Shoestring Gaming, the weekly segment where we take a look at some good deals for games or even collections of games that not only keep you entertained but also doesn’t put the strain on your budget. This is a week after all of the sales are over so it might be a bit more difficult to find a game that you’re interesting in to get on the cheap, but hopefully we have an answer for you. This week’s deals are coming from HumbleBundle, Steam, GMG and a free game via woobox.

This week’s Humble Bundle is a big one if you’ve been meaning to get into the popular FPS series Borderlands, as the Humble Borderlands Bundle has almost everything you’ll need to take on Pandora. At the first tier of this Humble Bundle you get the original Borderlands with all of its DLC; if you pay more than the average, you’ll get Borderlands 2 with the Psycho, Mechromancer and Creature Slaughterdome DLC, as well as a coupon for 75% off the Pre-Sequel. The final tier is that if you pay over $15 then you’ll get access to all five of the different Headhunter missions meant to prolong the story even further, raises to the level caps and 25% off a 2K product in the store. Humble Bundle has also said that there is more to be added to the bundle as well so keep your eyes peeled!

Over at Steam for midweek madness there are deals on Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 2: Digital Deluxe Edition with 75% off all of the titles. Mass Effect has you follow the story of Commander Shepherd as he saves the galaxy from threat after threat. As Shepherd, command the Normandy and her crew from planet to planet, fighting back the oncoming threats while also crafting your character in the eyes of your companions and the public to change the way that events can play out. If you are a complete veteran to the franchise, then you can also get the Mass Effect Collection, which includes Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2: Digital Deluxe Edition for under $9. This is a midweek madness sale so be sure to check it out asap or else you will miss out on this fantastic adventure!


Lastly, while the series has received a bit of scorn as of late, if you have missed out on any prior games in the Batman: Arkham series then GreenManGaming has a 75% off sale on the first three games in the series – Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Origins. These games allow you to play as the Batman in ever-expanding environments as you master fighting skills, gadgets and even puzzles as you search for the Joker, normally running into a variety of other fan favorite villains along the way. This might be something fun to do while you wait to play Arkham Knight.

Finally a free game this week is Grimoire: Manastorm that all you need to do is enter in your email—don’t worry you don’t need to like any of the pages and sign in with Facebook, again it won’t post anything. Grimoire is a FPS magic based game that takes the classic gameplay of multiplayer FPS and gives them a bit of a magical twist. This game is only out in early access at the moment but currently includes two game modes, conquest and free for all, six different classes of wizards, magic themed maps and more. If you want to check out the Grimoire: Manastorm Steam page then you can check it out here.

What do you think of this week’s selection of deals? Are there any games that you’re excited to be getting? Are there any big deals that we have missed out on?

Andrew Stretch

Events Coordinator

I have been playing all kinds of games for as long as I can remember with a particular interest in action adventure and platforming titles. While I am primarily an Xbox gamer I also spend a fair bit of time on the PS4 and on my PC in VR.