Welcome to Shoestring Gaming, the weekly segment where we try to help show you readers some great deals on games so that you can continue playing without blowing your budget. This week we have some good deals from GoG and Steam, but we want to also highlight some great birthday deals from Green Man Gaming who have just turned 5.

Towerfall Ascension

Turn friend into foe as you rain arrows down or get taken out by them instead.

First up from GoG is the fast paced competitive coop game Towerfall: AscensionIn this game you can play solo against bots or with up to three friends as you shoot each other with limited arrows and platform around the stage collecting more as you try to take out all your foes. If you don’t happen to have a lot of people around to play with then there is also a fully fledged and challenging single player story that you can enjoy. Fight your way through plenty of stages as you learn to master this fun and fast game.


Finish off your foes in fun and ingenious ways to score extra points!

Over at steam Bulletstorm is 75% off prompting you to really test yourself to kill with skill. Bulletstorm allows you to walk in the life of Grayson Hunt, a member of a mercenary group called Dead Echo, who realize that they’ve been working for the wrong side and in an act of defiance end up being exiled to the edge of the galaxy. It’s up to you to take revenge on the people who sent you there. The big selling point of this game is the emphasis on interesting kills being used to rack up points, and I mean who wants to just shoot a guy when instead you can explode him into a wall of spikes.

Finally is a collection of indie games from Green Man Gaming aptly titled: 5th Birthday Pack. This collection includes Clickr, PID, Rabbit Hole 3D, Rooms: The Main Building, Time Gentlemen Please! and Ben There Dan That! Special Edition Double Pack, A Valley Without Wind, Battlepaths, Ocean City Racing, Orborun and QuestRun. If you want to check out any of these games and their descriptions then you can check on the bundle page.

What do you think of this weeks selection? Are there any games that you have gotten recently for a good deal?

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