Welcome to Shoestring Gaming the weekly segment where we try to help you find some great new games to play while still working within your budget. This week there was no real theme to be found across discounted games retailers so I just found a couple of great deals on great games for you this week from Steam and from the Humble Store.

MDK 2 Coil Suit

Use the coil suit to guide your fall and get the drop on unaware foes

First up is the MDK bundle on Steam, which is 50% off until the 27th of this month and includes MDK and MDK 2. Please be aware that this is the original MDK 2 from 2000 and not MDK 2 HD that was released in 2012. MDK is a series of games that follows Kurt Hectic – yes that is his name – as he attempts to save the world from an alien race known as the Mine Crawlers. The game plays as a third person shooter with fun sniper elements and a parachute that can be used indefinitely that adds a sense of verticality to a lot of the levels.

MDK 2 plays very similar to the original but adds two more characters to the mix: Max, a cybernetic dog with a love of firearms and Dr. Fluke Hawkins, inventor of Kurts coil suit and Max the dog. Max levels add more firepower focused objectives, and with his four arms allows you to quad wield pistols and SMG’s. Dr Hawkins’s levels allow you to explore an area and pick up items to find out what can be used in conjunction with something else to help progress further through the level.

Next as we head over to Humble, we get to see the fantastic Humble Origin Bundle 2 that is currently available for the next 5 days with 13 games included. It contains Dragon Age: Origins, Dead Space 2, Command & Conquer Generals and some other games as well as games like Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, Mass Effect 2, Sim City 2000, Wing Commander 3 and more if you pay over the average, which is currently $4.95. Needless to say there is something in this deal that you may want to play as it ranges from tactics, to third person shooters, to a city simulator.

Screencheat King of the Hill

How do you fight on a hill when you can’t see anyone else?

Lastly at the Humble Store there is a 50% discount on Screencheat – a new take on the fps franchise where you are encouraged to cheat and check out what the competition is up to. Playing with normal FPS style multiplayer game modes such as deathmatch and capturing points, on top of that every character is invisible to anyone other than themselves. That’s where the cheating comes in as you need to be focusing on your competitions screen to figure out where they are and shoot them before they get you. For someone who wants a twist on the usual FPS genre this might be the kind of change that you are looking for.

What do you all think of this weeks deals? Are there any big deals that you feel I’ve missed? Do you plan on getting any of these games?

Andrew Stretch

Events Coordinator

I have been playing all kinds of games for as long as I can remember with a particular interest in action adventure and platforming titles. While I am primarily an Xbox gamer I also spend a fair bit of time on the PS4 and on my PC in VR.