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Welcome to Shoestring Gaming, the weekly segment where we try to help give you some great deals on some great games. This week on Shoestring we’re going to be checking out some cool deals for RPGs, Grand Strategy titles, Cybperpunk games, and some console love as Microsoft changes their Games With Gold for the month.

It is old school meets new  school with Legend of Grimrock

It is old school meets new school with Legend of Grimrock

First up, has a special treat for people as it offers The Legend of Grimrock series for 53% off. The Legend of Grimrock was a smash hit back in 2012, offering PC players a chance to traverse a puzzle filled, dangerous dungeon with a party of four adventurers using whatever they find to ward off monsters and deadly traps. The game was released independently by developer Almost Human, who has since worked on the much anticipated sequel, The Legend of Grimrock 2, released last October. Now being released for Mac use, GOG is giving you both games for a grand total price of $18.00, not a shabby deal in the slightest.

I still need food after all these years...

I still need food after all these years…

If The Legend of Grimrock is not the type of dungeon crawl you want, perhaps going back to the well with Gauntlet is more your style. Bundlestars is offering the recent re-release of the franchise for 75% off! Recreating the classic four-player co-op experience for the first time in a decade, you can team up with three friends to tackle a dangerous dungeon filled to the brim with minions and monsters. Fight for treasure, food and survival as you work together, or perhaps compete with each other, to make it through the never-ending hordes. It is classic Gauntlet through and through.

Europa Universalis 4 is arguably one of the best grand strategy games ever made.

Europa Universalis 4 is arguably one of the best grand strategy games ever made.

TechRaptor’s Gamespublic also has you covered with a massive deal for fans of grand strategy games, specifically fans of Paradox Interactive. For the next few days, the Paradox Platinum Pack, which contains six RPG and strategy favorites, including Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis IV, and Magicka will be 75% off. That is a $129.99 value for only $32.49. Go medieval as you rise to power and prestige, have fun with turn-based fantasy warfare, or even enjoy a retro styled, pixel art RPG on the side of world conquest. It’s a great combination of games that would keep you entertained for long periods of time, only on Gamespublic.

I guess I am not going to get to Alpha Centuri this time.

I guess I am not going to get to Alpha Centuri this time.

For those looking for something more classic, the Civilization series is also on sale this week at Greenman Gaming. Greenman Gaming is offering Civilization III, IV and V, along with several DLC packs for Civilization V, for up to 75% off. The award winning simulation franchise by Sid Meier is perhaps one of the most celebrated strategic simulation games ever made, combining diplomacy, city planning, and warfare all into one package. How you build your civilization is up to you, as you can become an economic powerhouse, a military dictatorship, or a cultural utopia, all on the path of becoming the most dominant force in the world.

The most fun you will have with a platforming game since the Nintendo 64.

The most fun you will have with a platforming game since the Nintendo 64.

For console players, Microsoft has switched in their latest free offerings for their Games with Gold promotion. Players still using the Xbox 360 have the chance to take to the skies of Columbia in BioShock Infinite. For the Xbox One, players can download the independent title #IDARB, a “chaotic 8-player eSport jumping jetpack future arena ball game inspired as much by classic versus games as it is by cans of soda, paint-by-number books, and driving five miles faster than the speed limit.” You also have Rayman Legends for free as well until April 1st, a must for any fans of platforming titles or those looking for something quirky.

Is this Cyberpunk?

Is this Cyberpunk?

Finally, Steam is offering a massive sale for Cyberpunk fans from now until March 20th. Titles like Transistor, Crysis, Deus Ex, and Satellite Reign are all on sale, between 10-90% off in some cases. Be sure to pick up some sci-fi titles, whether you enjoy action or strategy, RPG or point and click adventure, this Cyberpunk deal has you covered with multiple genres up for cheap prices. Some standouts include the aforementioned Transistor, which is 66% off. You also have Deus Ex: Invisible War for 80% off and System Shock 2, several Crysis games, and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon  for 75% off. Overall, it’s a very good deal, but like all of these deals they will be finished by weeks end, so act now.

With six big deals this week, there is a lot of variety and a lot of games out there still on sale. If you know of any deals yourself, or if you have any comments about Shoestring Gaming, please write them below.

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    Buy Crusader Kings 2 and you have literally 100’s of hours of gameplay, to make it even more awesome you can port your game from CK to EU to Vic to HOI.

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