Welcome to Shoestring Gaming, the weekly segment where we try to help give you some great deals on some great games. This week on Shoestring we’re going to be getting to look at some great deals on arcade games from Steam as well as some excellent open world adventures from Rockstar games.

Geometry Wars 3

Watch out as you move around 3D objects as you never know what might get you!

First up is a 34% discount on the latest game in the Geometry Wars series, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. Geometry Wars is a series of twin stick shooters where you battle through waves and waves of enemies in an effort to survive. Geometry Wars 3 adds a whole new “dimension” to the game where in previous titles in the franchise you would just be limited to a 2D plane but in Dimensions, you now have to move around a 3D object in space requiring you to anticipate what might be coming at you from around the bend. This game has plenty of single player levels as well as online and offline multiplayer so you can compete with or against your friends in the stressful arena.

Typing of the Dead

A mix of Horror and Comedy as you never know what you will need to type next to stay alive!

Next up in the arcade is The Typing of the Dead: Overkill, a remake of House of the Dead that is designed as a way to improve your typing skill. Overkill manages to achieve a mix of comedy and horror by making the player successfully type the randomized word over a zombie before the zombie is defeated. Shoot your way across nine different levels showing off your typing skill as you take out waves of zombies. If you want to experience the original House of the Dead, then a port of the PS3 House of the Dead is also included so you can use your mouse to take out the hordes. The Typing of the Dead: Overkill is currently 75% off at the Steam store.


Work your way to the top as you explore Liberty City, and maybe go bowling every now and then.

Now that the arcade games are covered over at Steam, we can now point our attention over to the TechRaptor GameFanShop where you are able to get a great deal on Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition. This version includes GTA IV and the DLC packs The Lost and Damned, Ballad of Gay Tony and Episodes from Liberty City. Explore Liberty City as Niko Bellic, a European man who has come to America to live the dream, but when he arrives finds it’s a bit harder than he initially thought so he does all he can to make a life for himself. Grand Theft Auto IV Complete Edition is currently on sale for 75% off. All of these DLC packs can also be purchased independently and are also all on sale so if you’ve missed out on one or two bits of additional content then now is a time to get it all.

LA Noire

Incredible interview sections where you have to try to discern the truth from lies!

Last but by no means least is the GameFanShop sale of L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition for 75% off. In L.A. Noire you play as a LAPD officer who starts his career as a beat cop and slowly works your way up the ranks until you are a full fledged detective. The open world of this game has been faithfully recreated from images taken from a plane during the 1940’s so you can drive around in the era and see how different the world was. During the game you move between open world roaming, analyzing crime scenes for evidence and interrogating suspects. For interrogation sequences a new way of motion capturing faces was used to ensure that while you were watching the suspects giving their statements you could notice small expressions such as mouth twitches which allows you to put your own detective skills to use as to whether you know to believe the person you’re interviewing or press them for more. The game is also on sale as just the base game too, as well as the DLC pack, so if you would rather just pick up one it’s available to you.

One final note is that the Titanfall Season Pass is free for PC players of the game. You can redeem the free Season Pass by heading over to Origin.com or through your Origin client or by following this nifty link to the Titanfall Season Pass.

What do you think of this week on Shoestring? Are there any of these deals that you plan to pick up? Are there any big deals that you think I have missed out on?

Andrew Stretch

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