Black Friday sales are over and we’ve now entered the last month of the year and with each new week there’s a new Shoestring gaming for you to help you game on a budget. For this weeks Shoestring I’m going to be trying to help any of you who missed out on getting any good deals for this holiday season by showing you some nice deals.

Steam is having plenty of sales at the moment with many games having discounts from 15% to 85% over a wide range of new and old. Disney games in general are having sales across all of Steam such as Disney Universe, Toy Story 3, Epic Mickey 2, Cars 2 and many more. Some of the other big titles on sale at the moment are I am Bread on early access, in I am Bread you are a slice of bread that must make the journey across the kitchen towards the toaster to become toast. I am Bread is made by Bossa Studios, the same company that created the Surgeon Simulator franchise. To check out the full list of Steam game sales you can head over here for over 100 games at reduced prices.

I am Bread

Self proclaimed best game where you get to play as bread.

Amazon currently is clearing out and selling plenty of video games for 70% off and more. This sale includes such great titles as Hitman Absolution and Skyrim and covers digital downloads as well as physical copies. If you want to see the full range of games that Amazon currently has on sale you can check out their sale page.

For gamers who don’t want to pay any money at all on games then if you head over to Indiegala you are able to pick up Chaos Domain for steam for free. You just need to head over to the Indiegala website and enter in your email to redeem your key. Chaos Domain is a side-scrolling shooter where your aim is to platform and shoot all enemies in sight. This game will be light on any story elements but heavy on action.

Chaos Domain

Demolish your enemies as you dodge bullets and try to survive.

For Xbox gamers with gold your current weekly deals with gold have been revealed via Major Nelson’s blog and have deals on the Metro series for Xbox One and on Xbox 360 you’ll also be able to reap the benefits of discounted Disney games as well as other games such as Saints Row IV. To check out the full list of deals then you can head over to the original blog entry. For Playstation gamers the first week of the Winter sales have begun meaning that across all Playstation devices there will be plenty of discounts. If you want to check out all of the sales for this week then you can head to the store webpage. Additionally for both consoles be sure to check out the Xbox Games with Gold for this month as well as the Playstation Plus for this month.

UPDATE – This morning GoG started it’s 2014 DRM-free Big Winter Sale and for those who get there fast enough you have a chance to get Age of Wonders for free, there are limited keys so head over to GoG fast! Deals that have shown up so far are a lot of the same ones that appeared in the GoG Fall sale so be sure to keep checking back every day for a chance to get more games cheap and in incredible bundles. GoG will have weekly deals as well as hourly deals with 30 new game deals being added every hour for you to enjoy.

Andrew Stretch

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I have been playing all kinds of games for as long as I can remember with a particular interest in action adventure and platforming titles. While I am primarily an Xbox gamer I also spend a fair bit of time on the PS4 and on my PC in VR.