Fall is among us, or at least for those who are in the Northern Hemisphere and it means that this week for Shoestring Gaming we’re going to be talking about the start of the big fall sales. As well as fall sales there are also some old classics and even some newer games that haven’t had as much exposure that allows you to play some fun games while also not going over your gaming budget.

First off is the biggest means to find deals for this week would be GOG, currently the fall 2014 sales are ongoing! The Fall 2014 DRM-Free big sale has all that you want for keeping your gaming on a budget with deals, flash sales and chances for free games spread out over 700+ titles with up to 90% off on some. The GoG fall sale is set up in the standard digital sales fashion with new daily bundle deals as a way to get entire franchises on the cheap, Flash deals for games with a refresh every 40 minutes. There’s not much more I can say because the deals all change too quickly but head over to GoG.com to see what games you can be saving on. If you want to get a game for free if you visit Gog once per day for seven days you can receive The Witcher 2 and The Gamers Director’s Cut for free, you just need to scroll down past the “What’s new” section to find the details.

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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings like it’s predecessor is based on a book The Witcher, in the game you play as Geralt, one of the few remaining Witchers. A Witcher is a warrior who has been trained to hunt down and kill monsters from an extremely young age using various tactics such as swordplay, alchemy and magic use. The story of the game begins with Geralt in prison, wrongly accused of killing the king, recounting the events that lead up to the death of the king. His captor Vernon Roche, the commander of a special forces troop called Blue Stripe, upon hearing his story decides he is innocent and frees him so together they can find the true kingslayer. The Witcher 2 is an open world adventure game that includes potion and item crafting. You can travel and interact in the wide and vibrant world while also heading out into the world to face strange and dangerous creatures in your hunt. Skill trees are present for swordsmanship, magic and alchemy allowing you to choose how you wish to develop your character. There are also some stealth sections present in the game, testing the players skills to avoid enemies just as much as engaging them in battle.

GoG Fall sale

For Steam they have their usual week long deals but from there there are a few specifically that I would like to point out especially such as the MDK bundle, Postal and Postal 2 and Tropico 4 which are all currently under $10, Postal is even under $1. Another thing I want to point out for Steam is that there are plenty of free games that appear on the steam store that while free are worth looking at like F.E.A.R Online, which offers a new chapter on the story of Alma while allowing you to play campaign missions cooperatively, and Double Action: Boogaloo, an action shooter where you can use movie making effects like slo-motion to take down all foes in this multiplayer game.

GreenManGaming and PlayFire are having a giveaway at the moment, the only catch is you have to work for it but the reward is 6 completely free steam games! These games include Postal, Numba Deluxe, Cobi Treasure Deluxe, Victim of Xen, PixelJunk Monster and Speedball, users who get this package will also get a 23% off voucher adding even more value. To get these 6 games does require work creating accounts for GreenManGaming and PlayFire . Sadly for anyone who has already linked the two accounts together they are unable to claim on this bundle.

Over at HumbleStore a deal for any or all of the Saints Row games, starting with 2 and including all DLC, is available. Saints Row The Third including all DLC is under $10 and the Saints Row IV Game of the Century upgrade is only $7, the upgrade is meant to be applied to a copy of Saints Row IV that you already own. If you wish to spend a little more around the $30 range you are able to purchase the Saints Row Ultimate Franchise Pack which includes everything except for the original Saints Row, this deal is available until the 25th of November.

Saints Row

Saints Row began as a GTA clone but with Saints Row 2 began to step out on its own introducing crazier and zanier weapons, characters and settings. While a price tag of $33 might not exactly be on the shoestring if you’re planning on getting games week by week for the sheer amount of content in this package and the amount of time you will spend in the worlds completing the story, finishing side missions of even just driving, flying or running around this is an excellent deal.

For Xbox and PlayStation gamers don’t feel left out of all of the bonuses it’s also good to point out the monthly Games With Gold and PlayStation Plus rewards which allows gamers to get free and discounted games such as for this week on Xbox One and 360 there are discounts on all of the Tomb Raider franchise that is available for that platform. On PlayStation Plus you’re able to get games like Steam World Dig: A fistful of Dirt or The Binding of Issac: Rebirth.

What do you all think of this months deals? Are there any big ones that have been left out? If so leave a link in the comments to let everyone else know where to find the best deals for shoestring gaming.

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