Having been on somewhat of a horror kick lately, what with Nosgoth, System shock, VtM: Redemption and Ghostbusters, we thought we would continue on the theme this week.  On that note, and due to the recent success of Alien Isolation, we thought we would start with a tried and true classic.


Not the official image for AvP Classic, but this one looks so much cooler!

Alien Vs Predator Classic is unfortunately not on sale however it can be bought very cheap from Steam for just $4.99 USD.

The original Aliens Vs Predator game is easily one of the best in the entire AvP franchise, second perhaps only to Aliens Vs Predator 2, whose copyrights died when Sierra did. We’re all holding out hope one day it may appear on a site like GOG so we can purchase it, but in the meantime we have the predecessor. Aliens Vs Predator Classic is a great game that does a fantastic job of capturing the essences of both individual franchises. You can play one of three separate campaigns. You can be the heavily armed Marine (Human), the stalking Alien (Xenomorph) in the shadows or the efficient headhunter known as the Predator (Yautja).

This Marine didn't keep a close eye on his motion tracker.

This Marine didn’t keep a close eye on his motion tracker.

The Marine’s campaign despite being heavily armed is quite hard and follows along the lines of traditional horror games. You’ll have to go up against all matter of the Aliens as well as a few surprises all in an effort to survive. Playing as the Alien is a rather interesting twist as you rely on stealth, and wall climbing as well as feeding off the human’s brains. Despite the Xeno’s being effective killing machines, should you be spotted by marines, your arse is grass so watch out. The Predator combines both of these aspects, requiring stealth in some sections while dealing with the humans, as well as mowing down hordes of Aliens. It’s an interesting juxtaposition to the other two, being hunted fairly easily by humans, while the Aliens are a cinch. The catch with all three campaigns? While fun and rewarding, even on the lowest setting you only get 7 save points and the game can be pretty tough at times, so the trick is learning the flow of levels. An added bonus is this version also includes the Millenium Expansion Pack and bonus episodes.


Out titular hero.

To break the horror flow momentarily, we’re going to discuss a well known adventure classic. Once again, not on sale but who cares when it’s only $2.99 USD on the steam store?  Follow Abe’s adventure in the life of a floor waxer of smog-ridden Rupture Farms. Fret as he overhears corporate secrets he wasn’t meant to be privy to. He must then escape rupture farm, dodging all manner of creatures and bio-mechanical menaces in an effort to save his fellow Mudokons. All his friends are drunk on SoulStorm Brew. They want Abe to leave them be. Will he be able to slap them hard enough to come to their senses and show them the peril they’re in? Will they listen to him? It’s unlikely, at least not until you beat them senseless.

Had to slap him 4 times to get him to do this!

Had to slap him 4 times to get him to do this!

Abe is the unlikely hero who seems to just manage to stumble on one of the darkest secrets of the Magog Cartel. Coincidence and close call after close call he will eventually be called upon to not just save his fellow blind Mudokons but perhaps all of Oddworld. Full of Oddworld Inhabitants trademark humour, fart jokes and some rather tricky puzzles, this game will delight fans of Heart of Darkness, Toonstruck and Machinarium.

Abe can jump, apologise, and run. He can slap his friends to make them follow him, before he himself falls to his death. This is a game where you will die, and die and died a lot of times. A lot of trial and error in this but when you get it , it is soooooo sweet and rewarding. Seriously, I’ve not died this many times in a game until Demon Souls Came along. While you’re there, you might also want to pick up the sequel, Abe’s Exoddus.


Says it all, really.

Says it all, really.

Returning to horror once more we have a fairly beloved favourite within the community. Originally a mod for the very half life, Cry of fear is now a stand alone game, entirely free as long as you have the steam client.

What can be said about Cry of Fear. Simon, the hero wakes up, disoriented, and confused. He receives an sms on his phone telling him to come home. While travelling home, he is suddenly beset upon by strange and dangerous creatures who appear to be the remnants of the town’s inhabitants. Similar to Call of Cthulu: DcoE, Cry of Fear is a psychological horror. You are able to fight back, in fact you have to to progress but despite the first person perspective, this isn’t an FPS. It is survival horror in the truest sense. Oftentimes all you can do is run, rather than engage. A lot of creatures have the ability to kill you quickly. Unlike Call of Cthulu, there is no stealth aspect. You’re vulnerable, ration your ammunition well and you just might make it through the night.

The atmosphere for Cry of Fear is quite incredible. For such an old game, the Gold Source engine looks marvelous and while the graphics are far from top notch, this game has a lot to offer in the way of horror. Oppressive atmosphere, fear of what’s around the corner, the speed at which an enemy can close the gap is unnerving and this game does a great job of making you feel uncomfortable. The story isn’t absolutely amazing but you will certainly enjoy the ride, with some rather clever puzzles, micromanagement and this continual feeling you’re being watch, you will see Simon’s journey play out before your eyes, with several different endings, depending on what decisions you make in the game. This game lives up to it’s name. Long before Alien Isolation, Outlast and Amnesia we had Cry of Fear!

Thanks for making it this far folks, if you have any suggestions for game classics you think have fallen by the wayside and are fairly cheap, as always leave comments. We truly do read them all and we’re always open to suggestions.


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