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There’s been talk about it for a while, and then there was that first post in the middle of December that confirmed that they would be coming with a new one but only today finally revealed the setting.

The new game will be taking place in Hong Kong as the title here spoiled for you, though precious little details beyond that are out. The Kickstarter will be in January for the new one, and presumably Harebrained will continue to use their previous engine with its improvements from Dragonfall on this next game.

Shadowrun Returns was originally kickstarted back in April 2012 asking for $400 000 and became one of the success stories of Kickstarter receiving over $1.8 million in funding and spent a good while working on the pc/iPad game. The first campaign – Deadman’s Switch had some mixed reviews due to linearity, restrictions on modifications and inventory. They did improve it with some patches and the game had a beautiful look and soundtrack as well as its modkit that had been promised.

However, it was the Shadowrun: Dragonfall campaign where the game got much more praise. Originally planned on being a shorter adventure, Harebrained went back to the drawing board, put aside extra time and redrew the Berlin adventure to deal with some of the previous complaints as well as a lack of a hub area. Dragonfall was a much bigger critical success and helped get trust back that Harebrained could do the franchise good. In fact, the Dragonfall one did well enough that they worked on expanding it further over the summer and gave it a special Director’s Cut release in September.

With Harebrained’s record on improving their game repeatedly and listening to smart critiques to improve the game for players, it will be interesting to see what they are seeking funding for and what goals they have on further improving the game and its engine.

Are you interested in the Shadowrun: Hong Kong kickstarter in January? Did you have any particularly strong feelings about either of the first two campaigns? What is your opinion on the toolset, and what would you like to see changed with it? Tell us in the comments below!

Don Parsons

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  • Elilla Shadowheart

    Well I hope it works out, since I’ve yet to beat the last version that was released, or the expansion. My list of games I have yet to finish keeps growing…

  • Timothy Riggs ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    I am very excited about this. I thought Deadman’s Switch was ok, but they completely hit it out of the park with Dragonfall. Not only was the gameplay better, but there were significant writing and plot improvements as well. It’s not like this is being sold as a $60 game either, I think I spent 20 bucks on it on Steam when it came out, and it was worth every penny.

  • Jypsie

    Nice. I am near the end of Deadman’s Switch and am enjoying it enough that I have been playing around with the editor and just bought Dragonfall while on the Steam sale. Good to hear that they are still developing content for it beyond the fan-made stuff (which is cool, too.)

    As far as the toolset, I have not been able to dedicate enough time to really delve into it and form an opinion, but I am learning still.

  • LFox

    It’s probably worth mentioning in your article that the Directors Cut of Dragonfall is standalone and was given for free to anyone who owned the Dragonfall DLC before it came out. It’s just yet another thing that gained a lot of trust and good will with their costumers. With all the re-releases of slightly altered versions myself and many others were very pleased to receive the directors cut for free.

    As for the games I absolutely loved them and I intend to back their kickstarter for their next Shadowrun Game as soon as it starts.

  • Mark Andrew Edwards

    Yeah, I’m in. I enjoyed the first Shadowrun game. Scratched my magical cyberpunk itch.

  • Meh. I played the first 2 games and they were shit.