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The popular bullet hell/RPG game, Dragon Heroes, made an announcement recently that took many players by surprise.

Whilst players may have been drawn to the title’s ample usage of fan service styled artwork, they have now found this taken away from them.

In a post over on the official Dragon Heroes Facebook page, the Korean company behind the game, Patigames, has explained that, due to Google’s and Apple’s market policies, changes will be made to some character designs and costumes.

Lyla (Character Image)
Pirata (Character Image)
Isis (Character Image)
Carsiana (Character Image)
Carsiana (‘Goddess of Victory’ Costume)
Lucia (Character Image)
Nataly (Character Image)
Nataly (‘Law-Enforcer’ Costume)
Rhymey (Character Image)
Nerphym (Character Image)
Nerphym (‘The White Saintess’ Costume)
Bloody Mary (Character Image)
Bloody Mary (‘Blood Queen’ Costume)
Bloody Mary (‘Santa Girl’ Costume)
Ellie (Character Image)
Sylvia (Character Image)
Iruna (Character Image)
Iruna (‘Red Panda Rider’ Costume)
Scalain (Character Image)
Scalain (‘Medic’ Costume)
Ivy (Character Image)
Ivy (‘Hip Hop Girl’ Costume)
Bella (Character Image)
Bella (‘PERILOUS BEAUTY’ Costume)
Bella (‘Seduction of X-mas’ Costume)
Hina (Character Image)
Claire (‘Tempting Summer’ Costume)
Lea (‘Beach Rose’ Costume)

The list of artwork affected is pretty long and has targeted designs that are particularly sexual in nature.

Censored Comparison Dragon Heroes

Uncensored on the left, censored on the right. (Thanks to Ultima DelaFouinasse for the picture)

An example of one of the changes that have been made can be seen above. It’s interesting to note how the girl’s cleavage, whilst reduced, is still left fairly exposed. Other changes that can be spotted are more cloth being added to cover the legs, as well covering up her midriff.

Again, it’s important to point out that apparently Google and Apple forced these changes on the Dragon Heroes developers.

The censored designs came into effect on May 19th, however, for players who purchased  any of the costumes affected by this, prior to this date, they will thankfully not be having them censored and will be able to keep the original designs.

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  • BurgerUnit

    The Facebook post said the developers “decided” to comply with the policies, not that they were forced. No idea what the implications were if they didn’t; games been around for a little while so not sure why it’s a problem now.

  • magicalfollower

    >Fanservice game getting their fanservice censored by their developers.
    They are basically shooting themselves in the foot with this.

  • Tizlor

    Too haram.

  • Decided “to follow Google’s and Apple’s market policies”. Following policy isn’t really optional, but yeah, what would have happened if they didn’t and why is it only now a problem?

  • Krimhelm

    There’s also Korean law at play here. Games with adult themes must be age-gated, which Googleplay lacks. These “Google and Apple” policy is bullshit, otherwise we’d see more games hit with censorship. I know that Apple is more strict on these than Google is.

    Fantasica, for example, has some cards which comes close to softcore porn. They have some censored cards, but the amount is a very, very small percentage, and they seemed to have stopped changing cards three years ago. The game may be cancerous, but the developers aren’t dumb. Empty threats from soccermoms won’t move them, but the cry of many of their playerbase will.
    On the other hand, Age of Ishtaria is being a little more careful, especially for characters that “appear underage.”

    In case you’re wondering, google’s policy on sexual content for apps:

    It’s pretty out there and up to the developers to decide.

  • SomeCollegeStudent

    I’m guessing enough reports from “concerned customers” about the game’s nudity got through to Google. Then Google told the company “Censor your game or we’re getting rid of it.”

    I think Google is merely caving into complaints because when they tried to eliminate “Adult” blogs from their Blogger web blogs, many followers and authors of those “Adult” blogs complained back. Then Google backtracked on their plans to remove “Adult” blogs from Blogger.

  • BuzzardZ

    ANOTHER instance where the OPTION to turn on and off sexy stuff would have solved their anti-lewd problem.

  • SomeCollegeStudent

    “Again, it’s important to point out that apparently Google and Apple forced these changes on the Dragon Heroes developers”

    I think the alternative was being removed from the store altogether.

  • Kev Lew

    “decided” is like saying pirate captives choose to walk the plank. You do what you are told or you get it worse.

  • Kev Lew

    company rules often overrule such practices, it’s why wallmart and friends in the USA won’t stock AO rated games. There are laws to prevent unlawful sale but the companies choose to enforce a different set of standards.

  • Krimhelm

    For comparison’s sake, this is Fantasica.

    There’s more at play to this than Google telling the developers to make the girls less sexy.
    If they’re really going around snuffing out lewds, then why does this get a free pass? It’s been out far longer than Dragon Heroes.

    I’ll say it again, it’s pressure from the Korean government. Japanese apps aren’t being treated the same way as the Korean ones, which is why Soccer Spirits was hit as well. Meanwhile, Fantasica is untouched aside for several mediocre cards.

    China just recently released Chronos Gate which has floppy tits and ass, no nips of course. Surely google should tell them to do something about that. Then there’s Cutie Riot and Sexy Academy. Why isn’t google telling them to do something about the sex appeal in those? The majority of Chinese apps on the googleplay platform are told to fix their copyright infringing works instead of covering their girls in a burqa.

  • I think this should seriously be considered now, because it’s ruining it for fan-service fans like myself.

    Even if that happened I’m not sure that would even pass Google and Apple “standards” either. Because you know, if they don’t like it, then NO-ONE else can get to have and enjoy it.

    The female characters weren’t even nude. So this completely reeks of the actions of SJWs and feminists behind the scenes to be honest.

  • Lol “decided”. In other words, censor the titties or we’ll pull your game from the store.